Back! And to the Left...Back! And to the Left

Because we should laugh a little (or a lot) every single day.

Because Seinfeld was one of the best shows ever.

Because I share my birthday with the anniversary of the JFK assasination (November 22, 1963--I was born five years later).

Because I am a conspiracy junkie.

Because even I think the Oliver Stone JFK movie was over the top.

Can you name other classic Seinfeld-isms from this episode? Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone?


  1. OMG I almost pee'ed my pants! I have not seen this one in forever!!!
    Happy Birthday, tomorrow!

  2. Is it
    The Boyfriend-?
    I just bought sienfeld Scene it & couldn't wait until Christmas...

    LOve that clip!!! I can't believe I forgot to send your birthday card earlier this week- damn now it's going to be late.

    Ps. if you want to buy sienfeld scene it- kohl's has it in a tin instead of cardboard box- I was so dissapointed I had already opened mine--- i LOVE games in a tin! no more mutilated game boxes, except for mine!!!! darn it~!

  3. Seinfield is so funny.

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to the best age evah - 40 totally rocks!

  4. holly! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! oh my heck- i totally forgot to send your card- but i thought about it. and stamps are on my to-do list today. so even though you won't get a card from me tomorrow- know i am thinking of you! :)
    i love that clip. i LOVE kramer. my favorite ever. seinfeld should be sainted- favorite favorite favorite.
    and i'm thinking there was more than one person involved. but then again, i love me a good conspiracy....and i never saw stone's jfk movie.

  5. I can't believe I've never seen this one!! too funny!


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