BOO! In a Nutshell

This year Annelise decided early on what she wanted to be for Halloween and did not waver. Her heart was set on being a mermaid, Ariel to be exact.

I wasn't crazy about her choice, but an easy to find, ready made costume was a perk. Our little brunette became a neon redhead. It was quite the shock.

Wednesday night after Bible class our church hosted a Trunk or Treat. I am a big fan of one stop trick or treating in a safe, friendly environment. It's so fun seeing all of A.'s friends in their costumes and seeing how everyone decorates their trunks.

Here is our little mermaid with her sweet friend Dorothy (aka Macy)

Friday A. had her Harvest Day at school. They rotated through various stations outside, like leaf raking, pumpkin rolling, corn shucking, corn cob painting, pumpkin ring toss, etc. A. said she liked the leaf raking the best. Go figure.

Then it was time for her *party*. I say it that way because it was really just them eating. Since they had done all of the outdoor activities and crafts, their teacher didn't think a craft or activity inside was needed. I am A-OK with that, but it did seem a little plain, but then again there wasn't any insane craziness...so maybe plain is the way to go.

A. and I posed for a self-portrait. This is the only one where she was not making a super silly face. I know, super silly goes with the territory.

They sampled corn, squash, sweet potatoes, cornbread, nuts, zucchini, along with other fruit, veggies, cheese, crackers and finger sandwiches. It was quite the healthy spread. I was impressed they ALL tried everything and most liked it all too. Cookies were saved for the very last and were a hit as well.

Later that evening it was time to don the mermaid attire again. Avert your eyes if the wig is just too much for you. I understand.

We went to Pappo and Miss Peggy's first for trick or treating. Did you know that mermaids like to climb and swing from trees? They do, they do.

They enjoyed seeing their grandmermaid and heaped candy into her jack-o-lantern.

Next we headed over to our city carnival for games and bouncy castles.

Our neighbors hosted one of the booths, the eyeball toss to be precise. Fun!

Our little mermaid enjoyed the games and treats. A surprise visit from someone in a gorilla suit was too much for her. Cue the shrieking and tears. Poor thing! We did not even attempt the haunted houses. The music was a bit too loud and as it got later the crowd changed its dynamics a bit. After yanking off her neon red wig (gasp!) in order to fully enjoy the bouncy castle experience, she decided playing over at the playground was the most fun of all.

Soon it was time to put our little mermaid to bed and say goodbye to another Halloween. But of course not before we raided her jack-o-lantern.


  1. Wow... that was a full Halloween. Tons of events and parties. Sounds like fun. She looked very adorable by the way. A great Ariel!

  2. Very cute. My daughter wanted a Little Mermaid birthday last year. It was so strange to me because up until that point she never cared about that movie or Ariel. Kids are funny.

  3. love the menu at the school party! surprised they had nuts; it seems that every public function has the warning "no nuts" attached!

    looks like ya'll had tons of fun!

  4. Yeah, I guess no one had any known allergies--thank goodness. They tried pecans and peanuts. They have been covering a farming unit along with fall/harvest. Their teacher encouraged them to take at least a bite of everything and try new things--and they did.

  5. TOO much excitement cometh from a pumpkin basket full of candy! I love the pictures but you know I love the one of A with her sweet friend. They look like the cutest pair. Thanks for sharing it.


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