Embarrassing Myself with My Creativity

Each morning, when I settle in with a cup of hot coffee to enjoy a few (or a maybe a few more) minutes of blog reading, I am impressed (and slightly overwhelmed) by the creativity that awaits me. The minds of these women! The talent!

I not only drool over the lovely decorating blogs that somehow manage to inspire and frighten me at the same time, but the crafty ones too. Especially the ones with ideas for kids like The Crafty Crow and Makes and Takes . Laurie over at Tip Junkie has been sharing lots of holiday ideas and crafts recently too. My brain hurts.

Typically, I think "Ooooh! I want to make that!" or "Annelise would LOVE to make these!" and that's as far as I go.

Maybe this Thanksgiving season will be different. The creative winds might be shifting.

Look what I encouraged Annelise to make yesterday when I was trying to work on some good mail:

Cutting pictures out of magazines to make a collage or a booklet. Whatever.

I know, I know, you are insanely jealous of my crafty skills.

I am not quite sure if it's because she's five or the project was truly GENIUS, but she had a fabulous time.*

Here are some of the pages she made.

It was enlightening to see the different things she cut out. A runner/walker, a camping scene, a little baby, a toddler, a doll, a few ladies, rose petals. Oh...and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Hmmm...we just might be gearing ourselves up for some pine cone turkeys or crunchy fall leaf designs after all.

*This afternoon she wanted to do it again, except with fall pictures. Okie-dokie, then.


  1. great project. and she wanted to do it again. that says a lot!

  2. When she asked to make another collage, she was excited because I let her use a piece of yellow and a piece of orange construction paper for her fall pictures. It's the little things--scissors, a glue stick and construction paper.

  3. Glad you picked up some extra reading/crafting material for the plane trip. Looks like it will be "recycled" soon!


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