Gobble Gobble

I have slightly mixed feelings as I prepare for Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Not about anything really important mind you, I am truly grateful for all the wonderfulness large and small that makes up this ride I call life (yes, that includes YOU).

I'm talking about the shallow stuff.

For the past several years I have either hosted Thanksgiving at our house or contributed to it when it was held at my Dad's house. I usually enjoy cooking and I like the opportunity to use the leaf dishes that belonged to Scott's mom.

This is our first Thanksgiving with Peggy, so she is taking the reins on the turkey and all the trimmings. All we are supposed to do is show up. While nice, it's completely against my southern sensibilities.

I have to bring something. It's in my DNA.

I decided to make a BIG salad and this yummy dessert. Nothing to distract from her main dishes, yet calms my controlling spirit just a smidgen.

I am also grateful that I don't have to clean the house or the dining table that is strewn with sewing paraphernalia from end to end and has a Singer as the centerpiece. I'm just saying.

Oh. One more thing just for fun...

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all! Have a wonderful day with family and friends and don't forget to wear your stretchy pants!


  1. oh my! my hailey & I are watching this clip & LOVE IT! so so darling.

    hope you have a great time- & yes you have to bring something!!

  2. It is so hard when there is a change in traditions. We went through a similar thing when my step-mom joined our family.
    Enjoy and save room for pie!

  3. I hear you Holly...we're going to my sister's and she won't let me bring a thing. She insists on nothing. Little does she know I'm bringing $30 worth of See's chocolate candy!

    (My stretch pants are packed!)

  4. that is tough- i hear ya. i say take what you want. :) girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

    i am so living in stretchy pants all week.

  5. I LOVE it! I am putting it into one of my blogs too, thanks for sharing! :)

    my daughter said it almost sounds like my youngest nephew praying! :)

  6. Pumpkin Crunch cake sounds YUMMY!!!!!

  7. Such a cute video Holly - loved it! I hope everything goes and have a great and happy thanksgiving!
    Love, MIchelle :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Love that clip.

  9. The dentures in the gravy cracked my kids up!


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