Heard and Overheard

This is going to be the best cake ever!
Random cabinet doors opening and closing all throughout the kitchen.
I'll pour in everything!
Where are the mixing bowls?
You need eggs, oil and water.
I can do the eggs Dad. I can!
Where's the mixer?
This is very messy, I'll do it.
Can I use Canola oil for vegetable oil?
I crack eggs all the time, Dad.
What in the world? (When hard boiled eggs from the door of the fridge were tried first. Yes. Redirected toward regular eggs resting in their Styrofoam inside on the fridge shelf, baking resumes.)
No, no, no, mix on LOW speed.
Daddy! Can I lick the spoon! MAMA LETS ME LICK THE SPOON!!
Where are the cake pans?
I'll pour the batter in the pans, Dad.
IcandoitIknowhowIcandoeverythingLetmedoit. Repeat.
Are we eating the cake tonight?
No, tomorrow. Mama's birthday is tomorrow.
Ohhhh nooooo! Can we have it for breakfast? PUH-lease???
I'll just do a little lick.
Watch your ponytails!

Navigation of two full cake pans toward the oven begins.
Sigh of relief once the oven door closes.

My sweet family.


  1. How very sweet. All for her sweet mommy. And might I say that Daddy is pretty special to help. I know she could've done it alone but still.

    Here's hoping that your day will be full of the sweetest wishes and surprises you could hope for. Happy Birthday Sweet Girlfriend!

  2. you know it will be wonderful! Have a Happy One!

  3. Happy birthday Holly! Hope it's a great one.

  4. HAppy BiRthDay HoLLY~

    You are the best & I hope you have the BEST day!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Yay! Have fun!! :)

  6. Cute post! Happy birthday...look at all you have done with yourself this year!

  7. That sounds like a very cute scene.

  8. Happy Birthday sweet friend! Thinking of you today. Hope your date tonight was a blast!

    Love ya!

  9. So cute. Happy almost birthday!

  10. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! To one of my very favorite, favorite people I've met in the blogging world.

    I hope all is perfect on your VERY special birthday.



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