I Should Get a T-Shirt Printed

That says, "I survived Washington DC with a Five Year Old." I'm thinking something in a nice camo print.

Playing with Littlest Pet Shop friends on the plane.

This was our second time flying with Annelise and our first time navigating a more urban vacation spot. I applaud parents that travel with their children regularly, especially parents of more than one child. This confounds me, I am in awe.

Overall, our jaunt to DC was fantastic. Annelise enjoyed herself, and we did too. She was exposed to a lot of sights and history, hopefully the foundation of further learning.

Standing in the center of Washington DC, inside the Capitol Building.

There were of course moments.

~Learning real time to pay attention where she is walking in order to not get trampled or lost in the crowds of the airport or Metro stations.

~Upon seeing a little person at the airport, and not quite knowing how to process this sight, trying to touch her and being firmly told, "Don't touch me!" Welcome to Virginia.

~Riding the Metro for the first time in her whole life smack dab in the middle of rush hour.

~Having a meltdown from sheer exhaustion, in the dining room of the hotel, over ketchup having the audacity to touch her hot dog bun.

~The ongoing battle of wearing/zipping her jacket. One of these battles late in the day led to another meltdown on the streets of Alexandria.

~Five minutes after entering the White House the I'm thirsty/I'm hot/I'm hungry/My feet hurt/My hips itch (???) recital started. We told her she had to bear it, of course she said she couldn't.

~Being frightened of the blue faced Indians during a film at Mount Vernon and talking obsessively about them afterwards.

~Being tempted to chase those peaceful wild turkeys in the distance at Mount Vernon.

~Galloping on the trails at Mount Vernon or any somewhat empty sidewalk (or The Mall) throughout the greater DC area. She'd ask, "Am I free to gallop?" or "All clear for galloping?"and then take off.

~Holding her own plastic laundry sack races in the hotel room.

~Making "friends" everywhere she went. Chatting people up in the hotel, the Metro, the museums, the streets, the restaurants...basically everywhere we went.

~Telling me if I didn't think I could finish the marathon just to go ahead and meet them at the zoo.

~Saying "Please don't find the first bathroom you can. I don't want a spanking. I promise I'll be good!"

~Lightning fast switches from grumpy and complaining to charming and delightful. Amazing.

~The moment as we were rushing to get downstairs for the airport shuttle and we look over to see her face down on the floor, one shoe kicked off, wailing because her backpack was too heavy. Priceless.

We did however survive all tours and sightseeing events without one spontaneous cartwheel being busted out.

I consider this a success.


  1. that's a city that I would love to do with my little ones...2 & 4...maybe next summer. We'll see how we survive Disney next month! it is always refreshing to hear we are not alone with the major mood swings :)

  2. Traveling with kids is NEVER easy. GOod for you.

  3. she seriously could'nt be one bit cuter!!

    traveling with kids always sounds fun until I start out.... then think- what? was? I? thinking?? car trips are the worst.

    It really is fun- just a lot of work.

  4. Trips with kids are more fun to plan and remember than to actually ENDURE! But now, you can just sit back and enjoy the memories.

  5. oh, you got to go to Mt. Vernon! I've never been. I love the "galloping" shots you got here! glad every one had fun and survived it all, even "itchy hips"! I do wish you'd gotten a shot of A on her face at the airport though! ;)

  6. That sounds pretty par for the course with my kids too.
    It sounds like you guys had a blast. And the drama, just a bonus.
    She'll remember this trip forever! I love that she told you to meet her at the zoo if you couldn't make it!!! LOL

  7. What a great little girl you have. That would be a lot for anyone to handle. Glad you guys had a great trip!


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