If You Give a Girl a Birthday...

She is going to milk it for all it's worth.

Especially if she is blessed with wonderful friends and family.

After a surprise celebration this summer, a trip to DC and party with the Marines, I had already celebrated my Big 4-Oh quite a bit. However, the old adage less is more does must not apply to birthdays, at least this one, because it was mine.

Friday night Heather and Kim stopped by to sing Happy Early Birthday and they gave me this adorable Fiesta sugar & creamer set. Girls, you ROCK. Thank you! Thank you! Scott and Annelise baked a birthday cake for me and brightened up my Saturday morning with some flowers and yummy kolaches. After taking Annelise to a rollerskating birthday party,

we took her over to Pappo and Miss Peggy's for a sleepover and...hold onto your hats...

Scott and I went on a date. I know!

We drove across town to eat here:

It's similar to The Cheesecake Factory, yet different. I guess it's considered upscale casual dining, with a rather eclectic menu. Scott and I sat side by side in the booth. I know! We didn't even have to ask for a kids' menu or a drink with a lid. I know!

I ordered the Portofino Chicken Salad, which was all kinds of yummy. They offer lunch sized portions and prices until 5:00. I guess now that I am 40 I'll be all about the Early Bird specials.

Of course we ordered dessert too. See?

Scott ordered pineapple upside down cake and I ordered rustic apple pie. We had no idea the portions were so giganto and immediately realized we should have only ordered one . Don't fret, we still managed to nibble plenty.

We had time before our movie, so we wandered over to the nearby Barnes and Noble. Books and birthdays. Perfect. It was so nice to browse leisurely without the steady chorus of "When can we go to the kids' area? When can we go to the kids' area?" on replay with varying degrees of urgency and pitch.

Before we left, Scott jaywalked across Westheimer to get treats from The Cheesecake Factory to take home for a later date. Maybe even later the same night. Maybe. (There is no way we could be soooooo close to the cheesecake goodness and not partake.)

We drove downtown to an artsy fartsy type theater, The Angelika, to see this:

It was delightful and British. Maybe a tad too indie, but still...pretty good. The main character of Poppy was refreshingly optimistic. Being downtown made me realize how much life goes on within the city and we don't take advantage of it very often. I felt ever so vaguely hip.

Today the celebrating continued. Annelise went with my dad and Peggy to church and sat with them, so it was like Scott and I were on a church date. Nice. After services we went to our favorite Tex-Mex place (yes, they know us and our orders) with my dad and Peggy for lunch, then back to our house for cake. (Are you seeing the pattern here? Food, food, and more food)

I guess that's it. The scoop, the dope, the skinny---well, not so skinny after all the eating and treating--on my Big 4-Oh festivities. I promise not to mention it again. Well, at least not until my next one.


  1. Oh, yeah you! Happy birthday. Sounds like the perfect day. I just say the Grand Lux yesterday and wondered what it was like, since it looked so much like the Cheesecake Factory. Thanks for the skinny!

  2. Happy 40th Holly! I'm so glad you had such a great day!

  3. Happy Birthday! So glad it was a good one and that the celebration kept going on and on . . .

  4. The Grand Lux, what a great name for a restaurant - that salad looks delisc! I love A. doing her skating, she looks quite good at it! Happy Birthday!

  5. happy birthday! I love your "heard and overheard" post too!

  6. Wishing you a wonderful 40th Birthday!!! May all your dreams come true in the coming year!!

  7. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was wonderful.

  8. Happy Birthday! Celebrate! You are much to be thankful for and celebrate!

  9. Holly- I am terribly behind on my blog reading and so, so late in sending Happy Birthday wishes. But, they are heartfelt never the less. I hope your year ahead is wonderful and blessed.


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