Moments spent celebrating Annelise's Gotcha Day last week. We baked cookies, talked about our life-changing trip to Moscow four years ago, went out for supper and made a trip to Build-a-Bear for two new outfits.

Moments spent shopping for gifts to fill a shoebox for her school's holiday Samaritan Project. She was excited to pick out the items and helped me put them all together in the box. Doing this gave us another opportunity to talk about being grateful for what we have and realize that some boys and girls might not have presents at Christmas. This seems to be hard for her to understand, whether it's her age, being an only child or our own materialism. I want to look for opportunities that we can practice generosity and service this holiday season (like we always should of course).
Moments spent over the weekend purging her closet and drawers of outgrown clothes and shoes. I reshuffled things a bit for summer and winter clothes too. It's one of those jobs I try to avoid as long as possible, but feels good when it's done. Several bags went to Goodwill and another pile is patiently waiting for me to take it to a local resale shop. The above picture is evidence of a too full closet. These leggings are now capris because we missed wearing them last fall. Oops. Another in my face moment of realizing the amount of STUFF that surrounds us.

Moments spent hugging and consoling when she burst into sobs as soon as she got in the car this afternoon because she wasn't invited to a school friend's birthday party. Tender skin this one.
Moments spent in Bible study.
Moments spent running.
Moments passed in the company of a good book.

Taking a moment to realize how dusty our ceiling fans are. We have had a few days of cooler weather, so the fans have been turned off.

Another moment spent blogging about the dusty fans instead of actually dusting them. Maybe I'll just turn them back on.

Moments spent choosing fabric and working with it to make something with my very own hands.

Moments spent in the kitchen with Annelise. Today she helped me mash bananas, chop pecans and bake a batch of this...

Moments spent enjoying the tasty bread (thank you Paula Deen).
Moments as a family. Moments as a friend.
I am truly thankful for all of these moments.


  1. What a great way to celebrate Gotcha day and all the joy that goes with it.

  2. Happy Gotcha Day! And a beautiful post Holly!

  3. I loved this post. I'm sorry she didn't get invited to the party. :( That stuff is so hard. hugs to her!

  4. Wonderful Post!
    GReat moments :)

    the bread looks so good!!
    Those capri's- too cute- I hate when I forget about things like that in the closet...

  5. I love all your sweet Annelise moments. Happy Gotcha day to you guys!

    I also had a dusty fan moment today -- horrified!

  6. It's excellent that you documented all these moments. Our days are chock full of them, but they often don't get recognized.

  7. I am glad you were able to enjoy so many wonderful moments, especially the moments that included such a beautiful 4 year old. She is so special and congrats on four years of pure joy and a Gotcha day that you can always remember!

  8. I love the fresh bakes bread moment together. How lucky you are to have her.

  9. Oh, Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl! We love you! And that bread looks good...

  10. I love all your posts, but there's just something special about your "day in the life, simply stated" kind of posts.

    Happy Gotcha Day to Annelise!

  11. awesome post! i love the moment by moment idea. maybe if i learned to focus in on the good moments the others won't seem so bad. thanks!


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