ROCK the Vote!!

I rocked my vote this morning*. Have you?
*That is, I rocked it as much as an almost 40 year old mom can rock it. Still. Rock on girlfriends, rock on.


  1. you can TOTALLY rock it!!

    and i did, too ;)

  2. Way to rock it Holly!

    Yes we 40 year-olds can still totally rock it.

  3. Rock on, cutie! I'm headed over to stand in line now!

  4. I did vote. Last week. Love Oregon's ballots in the mail!

  5. You Do Rock!
    I voted early...I was afraid the lines would make it too hard to bring the kids...and I wanted them to be with us when we voted!

  6. I REALLY wanted to take a photo while I was at the booth, but I chickened out. Our voting station is small, with only 5-6 booths, so it would have been very obvious.

  7. The K-man and I voted too!

    Rock the Vote!

  8. Yeah, I rocked it, too. But I probably didn't look as cute as you in your hot shades. Dang.

  9. I'm trying not to be a Petty Pauline, but they weren't handing out "I voted" stickers at my voting place. What's up with that? I feel like Sally after the Great Pumpkin didn't show.

    Okay, not really. But still...


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