Washington DC Review: The Final Edition

Well friends it's finally here, the final installment of my Washington DC recap. Cue the marching band and the fireworks. If you missed the others don't fret, you can catch up here, here and even here.

After my big day Sunday, I was rather slow to get rolling Monday morning. No hanging around the hotel nursing stiff muscles was allowed though. Pity.

We (slowly) made our way towards the Capitol building for our tour.

A very sweet young lady (Leigh) that was an intern for Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson's office kindly showed us all around. We rode the underground train from the Senate building over to the Capitol. There is an entire world going on underground there from offices, places to eat or shop--there are even beauty salons! Too bad I didn't have an appointment.

The murals along the walls and on the ceilings were beautiful.

The Rotunda is absolutely amazing from the detailed murals, the paintings on the walls, the sense of history.

Annelise enjoyed listening for the echo inside the Rotunda, searching for Texas' statues (Sam Houston and Stephen F. Austin), riding the train, standing in the center of DC and chatting with Leigh.

After our tour, and our own feeble wanderings around the grounds, we decided it was time for lunch. Where else to go but...

Look at all this healthy food! Plus we each washed everything down with a thick, delicious chocolate shake. Good thing I ran a marathon the day before.

After lunch we went to the National Postal Museum. I wish we had a bit more time there because I really wanted to see more of the museum. We made and sent postcards and looked at a few exhibits.

Annelise posed for a picture in front of a collection of stamps from Russia.

We had to cut our visit short to make it over to the Washington Monument. By this time in the afternoon it was cold and drizzly. This trip made me realize I must find a proper jacket that is warm, somewhat weatherproof and stylish.

We enjoyed the views from atop the Monument, even though it was cloudy.

We did not get to do everything we hoped to do, but still ended up feeling completely satisfied with what we did accomplish. I wish we had seen the changing of the guard at Arlington Cemetery, toured the memorials (even if by bus), and visited more of the museums. Don't worry, we'll definitely be heading back when Annelise is older.

Tuesday we had a date with Southwest Airlines and I decided to stock up on essentials...

Plus I picked up an Us and an Entertainment Weekly when we stopped in Chicago. I am ALL about quality reading materials.


  1. Wow! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! I have enjoyed reading your installments.

    When I went I was all about the Smithsonian and the museums. I would love to go again someday. Thanks for the education on what to see.

  2. Truly fantastic time. Why am I googling for a Bens in the Houston area right now?!

  3. I used to get my brows waxed at that beauty salon. Jasmin was a complete GENIUS! I miss her.

  4. Those are some great pictures! I'm glad you had a good time. :o)

  5. great trip! you really did get a lot in on either side of your marathon! thanks for sharing!

  6. I loved the pic at Ben's Chili Bowl with your reflection in the mirror. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit in DC and I do hope you come again! You and Scott can be MY tour guide :)


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