Catch the Spirit

Grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, sit down for a few minutes and watch this*. Please. Pretty please. C'mon, I dare you.

Was that not awesome? Admit it, did you get just a bit tingly or even teary? Did your heart beat faster? At least a little?

Then add this movie to your Netflix queue, rent it from your local video store or just go ahead and buy it. C'mon, I dare you. I double dog dare you.

Scott and I watched it the other night and were beside ourselves with excitement. The balance in our running mojo and motivation accounts had gotten quite low lately. The movie was the perfect spark to get our feet moving again as we get ready to run this in a few weeks.

"The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start." John Bingham

I challenge you to sign up for an event, ANY event (family 5k fun run/walk, local 5k or 10k, or greater distance) during the next few months. C'mon, I dare you. There are tons of holiday races and lots of events this early spring.

Make a decision. Commit. You can do ANYTHING you decide to do. Yes, you CAN!

Then let me know what you are doing so I can cheer for you. C'mon, I dare you. I double dog dare you.

*I know this clip is pretty long, but it's REALLY worth watching. Really.


  1. That looks really cool. I haven't heard about this movie. I'll have to check it out. I'm not feeling my best this week, so I'll have to think more about your challenge. I want to run a marathon, but sometimes it seems like a daunting task, especially when I'm not feeling 100%. You inspire me, and I do look forward to doing this sometime in the near future! thanks.

  2. I hope I didn't come across as saying the marathon is the only option. Some people work their way toward that distance by starting with 5ks, 10k, the Half--maybe doing each of these distances several times as they get used to running--then going for the marathon. Any way you go about it is just right. I just want to encourage y'all to challenge yourself in some way at some time. The marathon might not be for everyone (but I firmly believe just about everyone CAN do it and it TOTALLY changes you), but there are other options as well--even just a brisk winter walk regularly.

  3. i am in tears. i miss it. i ran a half this year, but there's something about the marathon that just transcends everything you believed was possible.

    i seriously miss running long distances. i won't get to run a marathon this next year b/c of a health issue that's come up. but i am going to plan for 2010. i want to run the alaska one, but it's not big...so i may go back to portland....we'll see. :)

    finishing anything ANYTHING changes you. had it not been for a friend who encouraged me to run a 10K (my first race EVER), i would never have run the first, then the second half. and now, halfs seem like a cakewalk (well, not RIGHT now as i haven't run in a couple months...but you know).

  4. Wow-just what I needed. My mom and I are running the Las Vegas half this Sunday. This was great timing. Thank you!


  5. Good luk Alison! My friend loved the Las Vegas Half. I've heard a rumor of it turning into a Rock N Roll event.

  6. What an inspiration!! I have asked Santa to bring that movie to our house this year! I am running the Las Vegas half on Sunday too. This will be my 3rd half this year and I am then going to try the PF Chang Marathon in Phoenix in January. I definitely need the movie!! :)

  7. Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! Cheer for me! I'm running the Tucson AZ marathon in 2 days. More like 48 hours 25 minutes and 16 seconds.

    The thing is, I'm hoping to squeak in under 3:40 to qualify for Boston. I live on the West Coast in Canada, so I've trained through major hills...and Tuscon is supposed to be fairly flat. We ave family there we're visiting too so it should be fun all around!

    Great post Holly!

  8. Wow! I am going to put that on my Christmas wish list. I have run two marathons and am now back in the game to run another in 2009. (or at least a half). I was a collegiate swimming and I've known the satisfaction of the thrill of being in shape, competiting to the best of my ability and crossing that finish line. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. I came across your blog from "Chubby Girl Running", and I'm glad I did. I am starting a 12-week running program for beginners starting 12/9, and I'm extremely nervous. I'm starting to doubt my ability to do this. What if everyone is faster/more conditioned than me? Yikes. But after watching the video, I'm ready (I think).

  10. You know what I really needed some mojo, thanks.

  11. Well, I never could resist a dare.

    You be "Marathon Bird" & I'll be "10-k Bird."


  12. I want to watch this with Kim while she's recovering next week. I think it would be the perfect example of mind over boday.

  13. I don't know.....I'm scared to death of a marathon...but you've got me motivated to think abut it!

  14. Ok HOLLY I totally needed this today~we ran a 5k this morning and I hated every minute of it~it really made me sad b/c I started trying to run at the beginning of the year & this morning was just hard! I know I need to train more & set my mind to it, but I was close to quitting this morning!

    I am planning on the cowtown 1/2 at the end of February~we'll see!

    Thanks girl!

  15. Holly ---

    I don't know how I got off your bloggy trail...I guess it ebbs and flows, eh? Congrats on DC -- looks like fun! We're gearing up for the next 1/2. Trying for a PR and then the next step might be a full...we'll see :)

    Anywho, popped by to see if you had done the neat idea with painting right on a photo for a sillhouette...or if one of your readers did. I used this idea in a post and wanted to give credit...don't see it here; did you post this tip?

    Thanks! I'll fave you and then I won't get ya lost in the shuffle!


  16. PS --- I'm a SU! demo too...don't know if I've told you that before. Hope you're enjoying it!


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