From Charley Pride to Light Sabers

Christmas is a time to reflect on so many things. The birth of Jesus, family, friends, blessings in our lives, etc. It's also a time for family traditions. Growing up, as a true child of the 70s, one of our family traditions was playing this record during the holidays, especially Christmas morning.

I know. Are we still friends?

I enjoy many other types of holiday music, but Charley holds a special place in my holiday heart. Since I'm confessing, here's another, I secretly like Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. I know. Not for content or quality, but because my mom LOVED that silly song. The volume would be cranked up in our battleship-sized Ford LTD every time it came on the radio and she would get so tickled imagining an inebriated Grandma stumbling around in the snow and being found with a hoof print on her forehead the next morning. Ah...memories.

Watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas were also holiday highlights. Those are still my all time favorite holiday movies and we are impressing their importance onto Annelise as well.

My parents would let me open one present on Christmas Eve then we would read The Night Before Christmas. Christmas Morning was usually spent with my grandparents and parents opening presents, then the afternoon was spent at my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Deb's for a huge Christmas lunch and lots of playing with my cousins.

Life changes though as people come in and out of it. As a teenager, after my grandmother died, then my mom, we saw that side of the family less and less. My dad remarried and we began to celebrate the holidays with Ruby's children and grandchildren, alternating getting together Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Now life has changed once again and this was our first Christmas with Peggy (my dad's wife) as part of the family.

This year on Christmas Eve, Scott read from Matthew and Luke about Jesus' birth while Annelise acted the story out with her Little People nativity set. Very cute. Without too much of a segue though we read the Night Before Christmas, so the Santa/Jesus line may have been a tad blurred. We also traipsed outside to feed the soon to arrive reindeer, A. selected the perfect spot not too far from the chimney. I was worried she would want to sprinkle it on the roof, but that fear did not materialize. We also set out cookies, milk and her 2 letters for Santa (we never got around to mailing them) and then it was off to bed for our little Cindy Lou Who.

Bright and early Christmas morning the wrapping paper began to fly. My dad and Peggy came over and we all exchanged presents. As an adult it's nice to open presents of course, but I think it's much more fun to watch Annelise open hers. Her excitement and joy were contagious. For the past several months she has asked for light sabers. I know. She told Santa (verbally and in letter form) and just about any adult that was what she wanted. Santa, thankfully, did not disappoint her.

A few years before Annelise joined our family, Scott and I decided a Christmas morning breakfast or brunch would be our *big thing*, so that's what we still do. I love the fact that most of the dishes can be prepared the night before and baked Christmas morning. After the last present was opened, we enjoyed a relaxed breakfast of Southwestern Casserole , Amazing French Toast along with fruit, juice and of course coffee.

A little later that afternoon, the guys did this,

while I did some of this.

Eventually, there was plenty of this:

All in all, it was a very nice Christmas. Even though I still missed Charley, just a little.


  1. sounds great! i love all the traditions that come with this holiday! :o)

  2. this is my favorite kind of post-
    I love the journaling!

    we grew up listening to the
    Flinstone's Christmas...what I would give for that album now!?

    (I'm sure we had some Charley mixed in there too)

    lite sabers? My 17 year old would be so impressed!!What home would be complete without one?

  3. Oh, what a wonderful Christmas!! I love traditions. And trampolines. And Texas. Is this like the best December ever, or what!?

  4. Here is reason #998976 that we are friends... In college, I drove a LTD Crown Victoria and called it "The BAttleship Texas." However the song that I cranked up the volume on was "God Bless Texas" by Little Texas. Can you just smell the state pride?!??!

    LOVE the pic of bouncing A!!! And I am so glad Santa found the light sabers...she would have been crushed. How has loved them more - S or A?!?!?

    Love ya!

  5. Loved the post....and I am coming over tomorrow to jump! I love trampolines! :)

  6. Love the trampoline pic and that you caught A. mid-air!
    Griffin got a purple light saber for Christmas but he calls it a "Life Saver."

  7. Holly...
    Love all the photos of Annelise! That trampoline is going to be soooo loved....ours has 5+ girlies on it most days! :)
    Our music on Christmas morning was Johnny Mathis....such special memories!!!!!!

  8. hah! my Christmas music memories are filled with the Ray Conniff Singers!! thank goodness they were very popular on the XM Holiday Traditions channel this year!

  9. I am so tickled by the pics of A. on the trampoline and as a Jedi Knight. She is just too funny and cute for words! Glad you had an enjoyable Christmas. Hope everyone is feeling better soon (and you don't catch it!)


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