Meet Our Sad Sack Santas of 2008

I had high hopes last night of family bonding over holiday cookie decorating. We were all set to make adorable and also easy Nutter Butter Santa cookies to leave out for jolly St. Nick Christmas Eve.

The dipping went well with every one pitching in, we were all rather jubilant and full of holiday cheer. The sprinkling of red sugar for Santa's lopsided hats went fairly well, though it was a tad stressful as the sugar flew. Tender nerves were soon frayed with the toothpick application of melted white bark for the eyes and nose/mouth (we never could decide). All three of us were reaching over and around each other to dip the white goo and then tediously apply goo and mini M&Ms.

The bloom was so off the rose.

Scott was the first to disappear. Then A. declared she was done. I looked down the long rows of partially decorated Santas and assessed my commitment level too.

Yeah, I was over it.

This might not bode well for the Gingerbread Man planned for this afternoon.

Merry Christmas Y'all!!


  1. Well it was a valiant effort and it went..mostly well.. I could eat one of those. :)

  2. I saw those and thought they were just the cutest things!!!

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I have been enjoying your DW posts. Looks like you had a fun time!! Something to always remember.

    Merry CHRISTmas!!

  3. Merry Christmas!

    I love that you know WHEN to say WHEN.

  4. Glad you didn't force the issue. The Nutter Butter Santas were cute, no matter how finished they were. And I'll bet Santa liked them, too.

  5. merry Christmas! here's hoping that you DID or DID NOT proceed with the gingerbread project, depending on the collective moods.

  6. You win some and you lose some, especially where little kids and holidays are involved, right?

    I love that you posted about it anyway!


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