Of Mice and Magic, Part 2a

Along with the regular Magic Kingdom attractions, there are *extra*opportunities to stretch your magical experience, and of course, your wallet.

The park was open for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party ticket holders from 7 until midnight. Once our wristbands were attached, we jumped into the holiday fray with fervor.
The crowds lessened somewhat and we enjoyed riding a few rides and meeting characters with hardly any lines. There were plenty of hot chocolate and holiday cookies throughout the park too. Yumola!

Along with Snow White and the Snow Prince, we met several other characters (this was the night of the Stalking Incident) and were treated to a holiday story with Belle.

One of the highlights of the night was watching the holiday parade.

All of the classic characters were decked out in their holiday finery as they rode, danced, marched and skated along the streets.

I think her face says it all, don't you?

I could not imagine dancing my way all across the park, in full costume no less. Being a cast member must be completely exhausting!

Soon after the parade, the magical Wishes firework spectacular began. A. liked the sights, but NOT the noise. Seeing Cinderella's castle at night surrounded by glittering lights and fireworks was magical.

We had a wonderful night soaking up all of the holiday magic. If you visit WDW around the holidays, this is an *extra* I highly recommend.


  1. you were able to take some amazing pictures...and I am beginning to feel quite slack about my own missing Disney post!

  2. If we ever have a child #3 I would love to go to WDW this time of year as a family - it seems even more magical with little ones this time of year. I know my kids will always love it but the last time we went was sad for me because while it will always be fun for them, it may not always be so *magical* you know?! Although Luci was still pretty wowed even at age 7.

  3. we never did go to the christmas party, sounds great! the castle is beautiful! I love the look on her face (scott's too!) :) yes, I think those cast members must be exhausted but they are always so nice!

    forgot to say on the last post that character autographs were a big deal for my kids in younger days too! my son was even in the Belle story/play!

  4. I love A's face on many of these photos. WDW certainly is a magical place, for kids of all ages.


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