Would You Like Some Milk with Your Humble Pie?

Early Friday morning Scott* went out on an errand of extreme importance. No, not Black Friday shopping (we're crazy, but not that crazy), something more important.


Yes, we are ALL about healthy around here.

Two minutes after leaving he returned. Donut-less of course because Something Was Wrong With The Car. There were Strange Noises.

We discussed the Strange Noises (clack-e-ty CLACK, thumpety-THUMP, crunch-e-ty clank) and possible problems, all the time thinking it would have to wait until Monday and there would be some unplanned $$$ leaving our pockets. Thankfully we have a second vehicle, so the donut run continued. Priorities, I know.

Later that morning Scott asked my dad to listen to the Strange Noises and offer his expert mechanical advice. They loaded up and tooled off down our street, ears perked. Immediately the Strange Noises returned, loud and disturbing.

Scott asked him what it might be. Brakes? Transmission?

Scott said my dad took a swig of coffee and dryly replied, "You've got some mud on your tires."


Scott humbly drove home, relieved, yet a tad embarrassed, and my dad went on to Home Depot.

We shared a rather good belly laugh, knowing this will go into my dad's vault of son-in-law stories, and had another donut. With a side of humble pie.

*Don't worry, Scott is a great sport and gave me full permission to share this on The Blog.


  1. Oh golly- poor scott!

    This same thing- seriously- has happened to brett before...
    it hurts, but hey- you're in good company. Glad you can laugh it off. :)

  2. HAHAHAHA! That is too funny!! Us city folk are funny...

  3. Ha! I loved this. Thanks to Scott for letting you share!

  4. that was awesome. tell scott thanks for letting us all read the story- what a great laugh for a monday morning. :)

    and mmmmm....donuts!!!

  5. Oh that is funny!

    All is well that ends well - as long as you still got donuts.

  6. hahaha that is something that would happen to me. at least I can say it is because I am a girl and just don't know. You told the story so well I can imagine your dad quietly laughing in his car. hilarious.


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