Freshening Up Our Nest

With a new year blossoming and Christmas packed away, I feel the unavoidable tug toward freshening our nest a bit. Not so much the spic and span deep cleaning type of freshening per se (those feelings are there yet I can avoid them) but the purely aesthetic type.

My goal has been to shop mainly from my own house or garage (repurpose, rearrange, rotate, rummage) or thrift stores.

I quickly amended my goal though to include a small Tar Jay spree for two new pillows and a furry brown throw.

The chair was living upstairs but has now rotated to our family room. The beige couch is new to us too, a benefit of trickle-down economics (it's my dad's old couch).

Yesterday, as I pulled into our garage, I glanced over at this antique fan that had been hanging out in our garage for a while. It was high time to do something with it. See the maker? Diehl? Well, that's actually my maiden name. Pretty cool, huh? My dad and uncles started collecting these from flea markets and antique fairs a few years back and he let me have one. I cleaned it up just a bit and set it up on our mantel.

It looks rather happy up there, which makes me happy too.

The mantel area is still a work in progress, not quite sure what type of progress yet, but it definitely needs something. Any ideas? The antique pitchers might need some tall grasses or sticks. I want to bring in soft neutrals (cream, off-white, ecru--it's fun to say ecru), browns and blues to off set all the green we have going on around the room. I'd like to collect white or cream plates and do a wall arrangement too.

Oh. I might as well admit this as well, I have a hankering for some animal print somewhere, maybe a pillow. Possibly just a touch of well heeled giraffe. Are we still friends?

Moving right along...

Our little geese family has migrated to the top of our TV armoire. They make me happy too.

I don't want to buy anything, or at least not big things if I can help it. I tried rummaging around our local Goodwill, certain that amazing treasures were just waiting for me to find them. Nope. The only productive thing was A. had to visit the loo for a poo. Nice.

I've been piling pine cones in bowls and vases this winter (A. is my hunter-gatherer) and that's been one of my favorite decorative touches. You can't beat free and natural!

I am almost motivated to borrow my dad's sander and tackle two pieces of furniture that have been living in our garage for, oh, ever. Almost. My plan is to sand them down a bit and then paint them black and distress them. Soon after I'll be making those silhouettes and finishing my quilt too.

(Did you catch my eye-roll?)

I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh, I love that geese family too. I "shop" in my basement a lot. My husband sometimes questions why I keep things, and questions even more when I say "I'll be able to use that again in a year or five."

  2. Very cute changes... I love them all!

  3. I love your style. And I love that you don't want to spend money, just rearranging, etc.

    How about some free stuff from outdoors to fill in around your mantle. Small things like pinecones or cool rocks. Maybe if you have some tiny photos in tiny frames, they could be in the mix somewhere. I like the idea of something natural in the pitcher, too. How about cattails or dried lavender? I want to see what you do, so post your mantle 'after' picks. :o) (please)

  4. I love getting or repurposing something for the house, it's such a morale boost. Your new additions look great.

  5. that fan is amazing. it is perfect on your mantle. so nice of your dad to share.

  6. I love Goodwill. I talked it up so much that my sister finally went in December and she said that she was so grossed out by the smell and merchandise that she immediately left. I was like, "How can that be? I find serious treasures there!" I find the good stuff is locked in the glass cabinets up front, like estate sale stuff. I have found many a good silver tray there!

  7. I would like more photo tours of your fabulous house, please. Start at the front door and give us all a tour. I think it's awesome.

  8. You've got great taste! Happy refreshing. Looks great to me.

  9. I'm over from SITS! Welcome to the family! I love the antique fan and def. think you should go for some animal print! Good luck sprucing up!

  10. Welcome to SITS - you will love it!

  11. what a great tour of part of your home! i love your little geese- so cute. although, truthfully, i expected flamingos and was just the tiniest bit disappointed. :)


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