Good Morning, Good MORN-ing

Wasn't that what Debbie Reynolds sang in Singing in the Rain? Our morning routine isn't always that perky and peppy, but we muddle through.

A. usually wakes up happy and raring to go. Me, not so much. Once A. does her morning routine (play, potty, play, brush teeth, flip through some books, get dressed, dawdle, make her bed), which can take anywhere from 10-30+ minutes, punctuated by my gentle reminders softly whispered up the stairs (oh how I kid!), she eats a quick breakfast.

Yes, she still eats at the kitchen counter standing on her little step stool. It works for us and she doesn't seem to mind. Sadie doesn't mind either because there is always the chance A. will drop something.

I usually have one cup of coffee before taking her to school, and oh my, it is DELICIOUS. Look how happy I am:

That IS me being happy in the morning. This is also my scruffyish bed head, which is also usually my day head as well. I am in the very awkward growing-out-the-scary-short-hair-and-am-in-dire-need-of-color-attention-and-am-close-to-the-end-of-my-rope. To add to that, I don't usually wash my hair every day. Do you? For one thing, I am inherently lazy and for another, even my scruffy hair does better the next day.

This week my morning outfit has consisted of the random t-shirt that I slept in, covered up by a baggy sweatshirt, and jeans. See?

Oh. I am proud to say that I have worn these jeans every day this week so far. Am I completely gross?

Then it was time to grab my keys, wallet, A.'s backpack and dash to school.

There you have it. Our glorious morning.

What's your morning routine like?


  1. Oh how I envy not having to wash your hair everyday! My hair sticks up, lays flat and corkscrews in every direction, based on how I slept on it. MUST wash it everyday. And even at 47 I still have oily hair. Go figure.

    Your morning routine sounds pretty typical to me. Now, if you want to multiply that by 3, you've got my morning routine. Get up, get up, I said get up. Why aren't you up? Get up, get up. Hurry, hurry, you can't be late again today. How many more tardies before you get detention? Is this the 4th one? yadda, yadda, yadda...

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I trade between two pairs of jeans I like - but at the moment it doesn't matter what I wear on top - as it's always covered by coats and winter garb. I love your hair and think it's great that you don't have to wash it everday - it saves time! My morning routine has been less dramatic since they are older and can do a few things without constant "did you" "have you" lol, Michelle :)

  3. I'm on the treadmill in our basement every morning at 5:30. I get my weight-lifting workout in by wrestling a squirmy 3 year old boy into clothes about 7am. He eats at "school" and my husband takes him to "school" and I shower and get ready after they leave. I always, always, always run late. I'd a dawdler. I rarely wear the first thing I put on. My hair takes forever to dry and flat iron. I hate making the bed so leave it for my husband (he works from home). I drink one cup of coffee while getting ready and another on my drive to work. I never eat breakfast. And honestly, I'm not truly awake until about 10:30.

  4. hey, how's that for honesty??! whoa! i love that you can admit you have worn the same jeans everyday this week and don't wash your hair everyday. I never would have guessed! FYI, I where the same jeans everyday except for wash day because they are the only pair that actually fit right now! I can't wait to buy those size 10s! You are NOT gross, cuz that would make me gross, too!! LOL :o)

    I whisper to my kids all the time!

  5. You take the world's best self-portraits!

  6. My morning today consisted of me ignoring the dishes, laundry, and sick child at home to finish a good book. I'd say it was a morning well spent, wouldn't you?

  7. love the photo in the car! cute!

    that's why I love jeans, you can wear them more than once before they need to get washed!!

  8. THis had me giggling! Especially the jean comment... you know my plilosophy... If you have not worn them for at least 4 days, they would be sad to be washed! haha So I guess we can be gross together! :)

  9. Jeans...me too!
    William and the kids too!

  10. Thank you so much for visiting my Blog today & Laughing with me.
    Come back anytime.

  11. the t shirt I slept in, covered by a sweat shirt & jeans is MY FAVORITE THING TO WEAR :)

    wash my hair every other day-I think it's better for it.It doesn't look 1/4 as cute as yours!!! Somehow every january- I feel like I completely let my hair GO- I need a cut & color so bad I can't stand myself...

    getting back to the routine after Christmas is tough stuff you've got it down~

  12. How DO you get such good self-portraits?Really.

  13. OOOOOHHHHHH mornings. I hate them in a grateful sort of way. It's ll and I am still in my jammies. I am a shameless hussy, I know. I remember those mornings so well. R.U.S.H. used to be our motto. YOu are all too precious.

  14. Jeans are not meant to be worn after every wear. I love stashing stuff in the pockets to find at the next wearing. Grocery lists, change, receipts, business cards, it's all exciting. And then it's like going on a treasure hunt at the next wearing, even if it's the next day. Oh the things I do to keep myself entertained.

  15. Your so-called scruffy bed head is gorgeous.

    Not fair.

  16. lol love it! Your hair looks great. Seriously. Does not look like bed head.

    My routine? Get up about 15 mins before I have to leave the house. Put on something, hopefully, clean. Brush my teeth. Spray my hair with hairspray till it looks decent. Run out the door and do my make up on the way. If I need a shower, add another 15-20 mins to the wake-up time. :0P


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