Of the PreK variety.

A little snippity, snip, snip...

a lot of bits and scraps,

eventually leads to this:

Followed by some of this...

Overheard along the way, "No, I'm supposed to fold a cone Mom, it HAS to be a CONE! " Followed by a dramatic sigh and, "I guess I'll just have to ask Mrs. W. to show you how to fold it." Finally an exclamation of, "LOOK! I did it! I was frustrated but then I tried again and I DID IT!" and "I can't WAIT to show Mrs. W!"

Fingers crossed that all future homework is this much fun.


  1. i love how she cleaned up after herself.

  2. A. is obviously hearing good messages from both her teacher and you! Love that confidence!

  3. Isn't it amazing how much the teacher knows??

    Us idiot moms..... we just have to plug along- OH HOW do we DO it?

    so funny- kids really crack me up.

    GREat snow flake- & cleaning up?!! wow

  4. oh man, a sounds like me as a child. i remember spending a few nights as a 1st grader crying over my book report b/c i wasn't sure that the teacher wanted it done one way over another. ah, the frustration of knowing there is ONE right way. :)

    what a beautiful snowflake!!! she did a great job. you, too, mom!

  5. I remember getting so very frustrated trying to cut snowflakes when I was little and then so fascinated and proud when I unfolded them. A joke that we've had for nearly 40 years in my family stems from a recording my mom did of my brother when he was in 1st grade (he's 44 now). It was the "old fashioned" tape recorder with the microphone you plugged in and she was interviewing my brother and she asked him what he wanted to say and he said, "I made a snowflake today. It was the greatest day of my life."

  6. I love paper snowflakes! What talent she has, including using a broom! :) I love how she was frustrated, then tried again and DID IT! what a great lesson!


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