Sometimes your day starts with a crash.

Sometimes you pause to take in the fact that your steel cut oats are dripping down the front of your fridge and you are now short one purple Fiesta bowl. Oops. On the upside, you learn that steel cut oats are not as goopy as regular cooked oatmeal and are relieved it was not one of the retired chartreuse bowls (i.e. more $$$).

Sometimes you take a moment to reflect on the change happening for our country.

You kept your eyes glued to the Inauguration coverage like a news junkie and pretended you were there. Except you were thankfully ensconced in your warm home and comfy chair, instead of the bitterly cold, crowded mall area. You also remember running through those streets just a few months ago. You are thankful.
Sometimes you have several good mornings in a row when there is plenty of time and plenty of cheer. Sometimes it just takes one late morning combined with a short temper, voices raised and bursting tears to seemingly erase those good morning memories. Sometimes you are ashamed.

Sometimes you discover you do actually have muscles once you endeavor to find them, with Jillian Michaels' help. This causes pain. And sweat. And gasping for air. Yet you feel rather pleased with yourself all the same.
Sometimes TV is really, really good.

Sometimes you discover a new addiction. As if you need another one, of course.

Sometimes you stop for a moment to soak up the little girlness that surrounds you. Even as she eats her taco soup for lunch.

Sometimes you want to freeze time and never forget some of the things she says, like when she prays before a meal and says to bless this food for the "nurseries" of her body.

Sometimes your heart is full.


  1. Sometimems you enjoy a blog friend's post so much you don't even notice that your 11 month old just pulled the spout open on a water jug and now your kitchen floor is sopping wet. Sometimes...

  2. i needed this post today. how fantastic that you stopped to take a picture of your broken bowl and oatmeal. :)
    so true- the moments in our lives define them. i need to be more aware of that.
    and how cute is a? can i set my little k-man up with her in about 40 years? :)

  3. broken fiest ware- OUCH

    I collect fiesta ware- most colors- don't have purple...

    my fav is scarlett. and that aqua color, don't remember the name of it now.

    great post :)

  4. I love all the things you documented in this post and love the way you wrote it!

  5. Only you can make pictures of spilled oatmeal look artsy and pretty. LOVE your cute girl, too.

  6. Oh, how I love taco soup. Now I want some!

  7. I agree with Bridget. I want to come to your house for steel-cut oats and taco soup.

  8. Where are you this week Holly??


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