SPT( er...W): I Resolve

I resolve to take more self-portraits with those that I love.

After supper, after splashing in a bath and once PJs were donned we had a little time for a game with our Little Pet Shop friends.

This game comes highly rated by our resident 5 year old by the way.

We took a time out for a family picture with the timer and a mad dash.

And another time out for hugs and consoling when our resident 5 year old did not win the game.

The tears were soon stopped once we started another game. I sense a trend. Our resident 5 year old went to bed happy because she had collected two cards and Scott and I had none. The game will be continued...

It's the little joys.

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  1. oh, i am very familiar with your 5 year old's strategies...

    i LOVE your dining room. i WANT your dining room!

  2. littlest pet shops and emotional girls... i think were in the same boat. mine does the same thing

  3. oh yes. drama. we have that even with a boy when we play games...or simply eat dinner. many a dinner has ended in tears due to one of us finishing before him and "winning." poor boy.
    great family photo! :)

  4. These are very cute pictures, and reminded me of how Landon used to cry when he'd lose a game too. I'd totally forgotten about that.

  5. What a great moment to have captured on film. Love SPT!

  6. OH...yes, the rules of playing with a 5 yr old do include that they ALWAYS win...I love this cute post!

  7. Poor K-man has had slight melt downs when he has not become the proclaimed winner, however we have started giving high-fives and dancing around the winner...while the winner tells the other players "i bet you'll win next time"! With all the caziness everyone is laughing at each other and we forget who really one.

    I know that is probably an avoidance of the reality of who really lost and won, but it makes playing games more fun as a family!

    We play A LOT of games after bath time...I love clean little muchkins and lots of laughter!

    We have been playing some of the Dr.Suess games- yall really should check them out! Oh- and tell Scott to smile!-Ha!

    Miss ya!

  8. What beautiful pictures of you with the ones you love! Sorry about the tears...to a 5 year old, it's all about them still. They just don't know any different yet. Lucky for her, she has a loving, beautiful Mom to console her!

  9. I loved your sweet pictures...we have some sore losers in our family, too. I'm usually not as patient as you appear to be in your last picture...What a good mom you are.

    Great SPT!

  10. Hugs are always a great way to help resident 5 year old kids with tears. It is a great moment captured.

  11. Love your dining room photo -very cool and the lighting is so natural. I know of what you mean when our little drama queens don't a win a game. My Cici has taking to tremendous sobbing at the close proximity that she might not win. Nini is more of a run and hide little lady. All the same though, we still have fun and they seem to be getting less dramatic as the days go on.

  12. we still love family game night! there are less tears these days...

  13. Ha! What a classic photo of the bawling loser of the game! I love that you didn't let her win, but you comforted her in her sorrow.

    Kind of a microcosm of motherhood, wouldn't you say?

    I'm so deep.


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