Man, This Was So Gonna Be My Week

My mind was made up, no more willy-nilly running. I was prepared to ramp up my mileage a bit and get at least 4 weekday runs in. I was, promise.

Monday was GREAT. I ran 5 miles that morning, then did Jillian's 30 Day Shred later that day. I was feeling like slightly lukewarm stuff.

I should have run early Tuesday morning--note key words should have. Instead, I planned on running later in the day. While A. was at school I had a wild hair to mop the kitchen floor.

I know.

Soon I found myself in one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up," commercials. Seems I slipped and went SPLAT on the kitchen floor. Ouch. Seriously though, it wasn't that bad, but I did bang my side, my arm, my knee and my foot viciously as I went down.

Needless to say there was no running Tuesday or Wednesday. My week-o-running was not turning out as I had planned.

Thursday I was determined to at least move in some form or fashion, so I soon found myself here...

on one of these. (Have y'all seen these? It's an elliptical, but it moves a little bit differently, more bounce I think.)

Then I moved on to this.

Which gave me some much enjoyed reading time as the sweat dripped, though I did try not to drip on my library book.

I plan to repeat that routine today, maybe even testing my foot on the treadmill. Maybe. It's still pretty sore across the top, so we'll see.

Since this week did not quite become mine, next week better watch out.

How about you, did you own your week?


  1. holly, so sorry to hear about your accident. Sounds like you are picking yourself right up and moving on, though! I have never seen one of those elipticals. I have a regular one and I have started to swing my arms in front of me like I am running instead of holding the bars. It really makes me have to balance better ~ so I think it works the core muscles more. Ya, I owned my week as much as I could because I've been fighting a cold, so no early morning aerobics this week. I slept in and just did my work out with Jillian or the eliptical. I'm running tomorrow with a running buddy. I'm so looking forward to it!! :o) (did I just say that??)

  2. Sorry you went splat on the wet kitchen floor. I can sympathize!! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh, I really should get on the treadmill, but I really just want to take a nap.

    And that's the truth.

  4. That's the elliptical I like at our club, I mean the one I like when I actually get up and go!
    Unfortunately I did not own my week either but here's to a great weekend, right?!

  5. Way to take charge! I went walking at the inside track at the Fitness Center for the first time ever today and then came home and did a Yoga Stretching Video, so maybe this is my week too!

    I'm sorry you fell, that's so disconcerting isn't it?

  6. A terrible reward for mopping the floor.

    I love reading while biking!


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