And I'm Not Talking About a River in Egypt

I'm talking about my own denial.

Denial when I get dressed and things feel tight. Denial that certain areas bulge and puff. Denial that clothes I wore last spring don't feel or look so nice this spring. Definite denial about the rapidly approaching summer season of shorts and swimsuits (even though I'm more of a Bermuda short and Land's End swim mini girl, still). Denial when I ignore my portion size or the number of helpings. Denial about being hungry versus a habit. Denial when I buy and eat the junk. Big denial about the junk. Denial that next week I'll get everything together.

I'm tired of all the denial.

I can't seem to get my diet and exercise routine in sync. A few good days with one and the other stinks or vice versa. I have put off going back to Weight Watchers for months, telling myself all kinds of excuses about the $$ and that I know the program, I can do it on my own.

Like those aren't my thighs rubbing together or anything.

So, yeah, I've been having a few issues with denial. And I don't mean that river in Egypt. Sigh.


  1. What a clever play on words...he he

    I, too, am in denial!--I've been trying to do my spinning classes at least twice a week, and stay active with housework and bits of gardening, but it's just not enough to make up for the fact that I love food! I struggle with portion control...Sometimes I think I would rather not even eat the things I love rather than have just a tiny bit...it almost seems torcherous!

    It doesn't help that my kids are constantly consumed with snacks! I can't ever seem to get away with an hour where I'm not thinking about food...(between shopping for it, coming up with meal ideas, preparing it, cleaning up after it, washing it out of clothes)...it's a never ending battle!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling right now!

  2. Thanks Shannon! It does feel good to know others deal with similar issues.

    You are right about the focus being on food a lot--planning meals, grocery shopping, snacks for kids, etc.

    I do a LOT better the busier I am, so I know a majority of snacking happes in down time/TV time or when I'm bored.

  3. Holly,
    I'm a long time silent reader (I love your blog :) but just had to say................did you read my mind or what? I so could have written this and was thinking many of the same thoughts yesterday when I was looking for something to wear. Thank you for making me realize I am not alone!

    I'm a WW life time member and I KNOW what to do- just need to get off my hiney and DO IT!

    Here's hoping we will both get out of denial soon!

    Shannon (2 in a row, how funny is that?)

  4. I totally hear you on this and am in the exact same boat on the same river! I need to muster some energy and be better about cultivating good habits. I'm sick of feeling fat and tired.

  5. it's so true- i'm in denial even though i kinda sorta have an excuse. i eat way more than i need to and i know it. am i ready to change that? maybe not so much yet.
    i think social support is seriously underestimated in this area. ww works so well i think not just b/c of portion sizes or teaching peeps about eating habits- those are things you can figure out...but it provides a network, you know? much harder to not do it if you're committed to meetings and seeing peeps- it's the accountability thing.

    i am not really looking forward to july...when i will be unpregnant, but still look it...it will take some serious looking in the mirror to change any of my new-found bad habits.

    it's nice to know other people have issues, too. makes me feel less weird. :)

  6. I'm hearing ya too! spring break can really kick in those bad habits in a hurry!


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