Doo Dads of Happiness

A little afternoon baking.

Simple joys of getting to crack the eggs and use the mixer.

Yes, I still have the old school hand held mixer, though I've considered upgrading to something like a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Besides sprucing up my kitchen counter, would having one really change my overall baking experience? Please advise...

Jar of fresh baked goodness.

Using my favorite casserole dish for supper. It was supposed to be creamy poppy seed chicken, but since I was out of poppy seeds it ended up being just creamy chicken. Oh well, still tasty.

Picking up some new patterned paper at Hobby Lobby while their scrapbook supplies are 50% off this week. Love that.

Finding my scrapbooking mojo over the weekend and completing several layouts.

We'll just ignore the fact that they are for events that happened in 2007 and be thrilled that the act of scrapbooking has been taking place, okie dokie?

What are some doo dads that are bringing you happiness?


  1. mmmm, fresh baked chocolate chip cookies are about the best! I love the "Chicken Ritz" (that's what we call it) we all love it! there is almost never leftovers though!

  2. Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar????? Those look delicious! And I LOVE the old bowls... they make me happy!

    So jealous that you've been cropping. Can't wait to see and touch your lay-outs.

  3. I thought I was the only one who still made poppy seed chicken! LOVE IT! Your blog is my doo dad of happiness - the pictures always make me smile :)

  4. I still use a hand mixer too, so I can't advise you on the Kitchen Aid.

    I love that jar with the cookies in it! It's so pleasing. I have jars like that for my flour and sugar, but have never had one full of cookies.

    I love that casserole dish too. I've been watching Quick Fix Meals on The Food Network and Robin Miller always used dishes like that so I'm starting to yearn. Of course, that means I'd need to cook right?

    Hooray for finding your scrapbooking mojo!

  5. I feel like I haven't been over here in ages Holly. How are you? THose cookies look completely good and your scrapbooking pages are awesome. I hope you are well! Lol, Michelle :)

  6. I do have a kitchen aid, but find that I use it about half the time--(hand held for the rest)--it just always seems like a bigger production to use the big mixer...
    It does come in handy every so often, though...

    About your casserole...what's the point of poppyseeds, anyway--they don't have much of a flavor--it's right up there with paprika in my book...

    I love the Amy Butler paper--so pretty!!--I need to get our scrapbooks updated before the weather gets warm--I never have time for indoor/winter projects when it's nice out...

  7. Okay, the work computer won't download pictures, but I'm sure everything is lovely. It always is with you...

    On stand mixers vs hand mixers. We have both. Love, love, love the stand mixer. Let's just say, when we evacuated for Rita, the stand mixer went with us. It sure did.

  8. Mercy. Today all your doo dads made me happy. I was living vicariously through you! Now, if I could just have 1 or 2 cookies. OK?

  9. i gotta make me some cookies. :) and i have that green bowl in the first picture! wow- this post brought back memories of MY mom letting me do those same things. :) now kellen gets to drop things into the kitchen aid- and truthfully, i'm glad it's not a handmixer with him- he gets a little zealous in the kitchen....

    i love these simple pleasures. a good reminder for me to stop and do something fun soon. i've been feeling sick and this post reminded me there are little happinesses to be found everywhere.


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