We Now Resume Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

I somehow managed to take a bloggy sabbatical over the last week, thinking that I had no blog worthy material.

I still may not have any.

However, in an effort to break out of my bloggy funk, I am forcing myself to post.

I'm shifting my perspective a bit to find joy in the mundane, the ordinary daily tasks.

Yeah, it's a big shift.

But I'm going to try to remember the delight in picking a flower.

In doing just about the same laundry this week that I did last week.

Loading and unloading the same dishes into the dishwasher.

I might have to take a time out to sing with A. and her High School Musical microphone.

I'll probably cook basically the same meals I always cook.

I'll wage my usual war with dog and cat hair.

I will smile and say sure when A. asks to get out her Play Doh 30 seconds after I put the vacuum away.

I will try harder to see the beauty of God's creation around me and be thankful.

I will take time to notice the little things.

I will appreciate the love around me.


  1. I love this post...Your daughter is beautiful!

    This goes along with something that Jill wrote last night on her Sunday thoughts...It was from her notes from a talk given by Chieko Okasaki..."Have time for masterpiece moments (seeing the beauty in small things)otherwise our time here is wasted."

    It's so difficult to see these mundane day to day things as "masterpieces" but in a sense they are if you look at the big picture...

    Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. Came across your blog. What a nice post. All mothers can relate to this. Thanks for the inspiration to all us mothers out there. =)

  3. Beautiful images in words and visuals. Thanks Holly. We all have the mundane, we just need to see it for what it is. I'm so grateful today for the things I forget to notice.

  4. I have missed you & have a note in the mail today asking how you are?!!

    so glad you are back-

    I think the same dishes/same laundry is one of the hardest things about this job-

    You need NEw dishes & a new wardrobe ;) right away!!

  5. I loved this! I too often get bogged down by the sameness of life (especially laundry), so this was a great reminder for me at the beginning of the week. And those pictures of A are melty! So beautiful!

  6. what a great post, holly. i missed your blogging!

    a is such a beauty!!! does that little girl EVER take a bad photo?! :)

    totally unrelated...how DO you wage your war? my cat has ENDLESS fur. ENDLESS i tell you- and he loves to leave it everywhere. i'm considering a shave.

  7. I'm so happy to see a new post from you! Since we do you not have anything to blog about? I've never seen your laundry room, how about that? I hope you're not in a major life funk right now, but if you are just remember that blogging helps! So does doing something creative, going running (so I hear), doing home projects, reading in the cozy, sending good mail and going to lunch with a friend. Just a few ideas for you.

  8. Loved this post and loved Jill's comment. Sometimes when I have weeks like yours I remember the quote that my grandma used to tell me (it is totally a grandma quote)....something along the lines of being grateful for the dishes because it means we had food to eat, etc. It sounds oh-so-preachy but is always a good reminder for me.

    Let's see that laundry room :) Or some more of your crafty cards...

    Again, beautiful post.

  9. ya, great pictures! i love getting inspired by the little things in life. :o)

  10. Those photos are so pretty. She is more and more pretty every day. I love the reminder that you shared with us about the every day things.

  11. I really don't think y'all want to see my laundry room, it's not cute at all, plus that's where the cat box is. Nuff said.

    Though I have thought about trying to make it cute, just thought though.

    As for the dog and cat hair wars, I try to stay on top of it with the vacuum or at least a Swiffer or quick broom sweep. The vacuum does the best, but I get lazy about dragging it out. I certainly don't do it every day (lazy), though I probably should. It is frustrating because 5 minutes after I put it away, Sadie walks through and sheds another bucket of hair.

  12. awesome post! you are such a great photographer, and have great subjects too! the little things...that's what I need to look for this week....


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