A Little Recipe for Some Wall Wowza

Take a large blank space on your family room wall that has been bugging you for far too long.

Add an undeniable urge to create a grouping of neutral colored plates.

Ignore the fact that your husband does not think plates are potential decorating material.

He is wrong.

Find several plates at the best place ever, TJ Maxx, even a few on clearance. Do a quick happy dance right there in the aisle as you place them in your cart.

Dig around in closet for two small shelves purchased looooong ago that never found a proper home.

Coerce your husband to help hang the plates to which he is opposed.

Rig up one of the shelves to camouflage a light switch that has driven you bug eyed batty for years since it is smack dab in the middle of a wall. Of course a man installed that, probably based on a building code or something, certainly not aesthetics.

Use the shelf and a plate to outwit that silly building code.

Hang all the plates in what is hopefully an eye-pleasing arrangement.

Tell 5 year old you will be done in a minute. For the 989th time.

Admire your creation for the next several days by stopping dead in your tracks and exclaiming every time you enter the room, "I just love these plates! LOOK how nice they look together! I don't have to stare at the light switch anymore! Why did we wait so long to do this?!?! I want to hang plates EVERYWHERE now!"

Or something like that.

Ignore your husband as he rolls his eyes. You think he likes it after all.


  1. You did it again, Holly! SO CUTE!!!

  2. You are a girl of your word! You said that you have been loving the look of plates and you DID IT! It looks smashing! (oh, no...that doesn't seem to fit-Ha!)

  3. love the look! if i weren't so scared of the two bulls who live in my china shop...

    isn't it wonderful when something you created is still stopping you in your tracks days later? bravo!

  4. I love it! It looks fantastic, and I love how you covered that switchplate without making it look awkward at all. I hate those sorts of features where you know nobody (a man) was thinking about practicality when they installed it.

    I have a major major weakness for the TJ Maxx dishes section. Nothing better!

  5. You are on such a roll with all the great home decor improvements lately! I love plates on the wall, but don't have any.

  6. BRIllianT!!!
    so smart covering up that annoying switch!

    I love the plates- I have several hanging all over the house- I bought some at TJ MAXX toooo!
    we are like twins ;)

    GREAt look- great JOb here
    You are inspiring me... to get off my rear, maybe

  7. I love Lelly's comment because I can relate! The plates are beautiful and so artsy. Great eye, girl!

  8. It looks great, Holly! I am a plate freak, too. And I snatch them up at TJ whenever I see a neat one...even if I don't have a place for it at the moment.

  9. GORGEOUS!!! And I'm amazed that there is a light switch that far into the middle of the wall. CRAZY!

  10. I LOVE IT!

    I have a bare wall in my dining room of all places. This is perfect!


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