Scattered, Yet Selective Summary

Those playful, creative leprechauns skipped our house this year. Again. This may or may not have something to do with me. Annelise was THRILLED to eat Lucky Charms and wear a cute shamrock shirt, so I don't feel too guilty. Maybe each year I will add something new so by the time she's 8 or 10 we'll really party.

Wednesday we had A.'s overdue annual Dr. check-up and vaccinations. Does that make her sound like a pet? Maybe I should say immunizations. Anyway, this is a before the 2 shots photo. (Pardon the mark on her nose, no it's not a failed piercing, she scratched herself.)

Just imagine the after shots photo as a really red, tear stained face with a slightly betrayed expression. If I understood her doctor correctly, we may not have to get shots again until she's 12. A. was quite pleased to hear that bit of news.
The doctor asked the usual questions but then stumped me a little with the "Is she reading?" question. In my head I was thinking, "Well, she recognizes some words, copy-reads when we read together, but we don't do flash cards and I've never ordered that Hooked on Phonics..."
So I just mumbled, "No, not really...yet."
And I've felt guilty ever since. Sometimes my laid back approach to most things in life comes back to bite me in the bottom. I just figure it's all going to come together and she'll read someday soon. Am I wrong?
After all the doctor visit drama we met Scott for lunch down at the DQ. We had not eaten there in a long time and were taken aback by all the deep fried possibilities. What's that noise? The sound of our cholesterol rising I'm sure (among other things).

Wednesday night around bedtime until Thursday evening Annelise had a fever from one of her shots. Poor thing, she really thought she got the short straw having painful shots, sore legs and a lingering pesky fever.
She could only muster enough energy to sit on the porch and eat some grapes for a little while.

Did you notice that I played around with some effects for a few of these photos? Scott gave me Photoshop Elements for my birthday, but I am ashamed to admit I still have no idea what to do with it. I've played around with it some, but usually end up closing it in frustration. I use Smugmug to store my digital photos online and they offer easy editing through Picnik which I am infatuated to pieces with. One easy click and I'm set. Love that.
I've been tackling the disaster area known as my craft room bit by bit. Several times this week I walked in there, stood in disbelief and fear for a few minutes and fled. Yesterday I worked in there and in A.'s room for a couple of hours just sorting and rotating clothes. You can't really tell though, there's still so much to do. Sigh. I plan on braving it again today.
Since this has been Spring Break, and we haven't had to get up early (though a certain 5 1/2 year old did not get that memo), I have been staying up late. Sadly, not doing anything creative or productive, but watching old episodes of NCIS. I always thought that was just an Old Person (sorry) show like Jag or something and never gave it a thought.
Until now.
I have a HUGE one-sided crush on Mark Harmon. And the actors that play Tony and McGee, and gothed-out-caffed-up Abby is precious.
I know. I am a dork.


  1. I didn't do anything fun for St. Patrick's Day for the kids.

    I'm so glad that's not a failed piercing on her nose! How funny.

    I think that's strange that the doctor asked if she is reading yet. That's not something kids do at the same time, and she's so young. I wouldn't worry about that.

    I don't think I've eaten at DQ, just had ice cream. Though I love deep friend possibilities in general.

    I've never seen NCIS, but I enjoy Mark Harmon.

  2. I'm SOOOOOO glad you love NCIS! It is totally our favorite "crime" show...and I also love McGeek/Probie-One-Kanobie and Tony!

    Love the editting to the photos... and the DQ made my mouth water. So not WW friendly, but OH SO WORTH IT!!!!!

    And I will try to remain calm about the doctor asking about reading... you know I could go on for hours with my early childhoood specialist hat on, so in a nutshell. She is 4 1/2. No she is not reading, nor should she be expected to! If she can write her name with only one capital letter and recognize her name, Mom and Dad, then I am satisfied. Keep reading to her and you are right, it will all fall into place. Now if she cannot read in two years, then I will tutor her! :) A is JUST FINE!!!!!

  3. I have had a crush on mark Harmon since Summer School...I love NCIS!

  4. Don't tell A this, but new shot recommendations came out this week. Your princess may (will) be getting shots before she's 12. It's bad news!

  5. i felt so guilty for not observing st. patrick's day that i made irish soda bread without most of my ingredients- on the fly- late that night. :( poor kellen. thankfully he just didn't notice!

    so i very much identify with you on the reading thing and am comforted by it. k isn't yet 5, but he's definitely not reading- he recognizes some words, but i'm not working on it with him- we just spell things for fun and play computer games and mess around with words. i'm fairly laid back academically with him (yeah- VERY). i worry that he's going to be behind, but truthfully, in my heart, i think he'll be just fine. my husband likes to remind me that he didn't read until he was a little older- it feels weird to me b/c i was a REALLY early reader. but we both turned out fine (i think?). each kid is different, i guess.

    and dq- oh man. if you get the fried food, you must get the ice cream to make it go down. :)


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