Think I Can Handle This Without a Xanax?

Remember my unfettered anxiety over Annelise's first play date at a school friend's house a few months ago?

Despite all my worries at the time, everything went well and she had a wonderful afternoon. While not ready for numerous, indiscriminate play dates (my idea, not hers of course) I am now more comfortable with the occasional carefully selected play date. At least I think I am.

After A. visited her friend's house I knew I should invite her friend over to our house. I've just been a little slow getting around to it. Okay, quite slow, possibly sloth-like slowness. Yesterday during our field trip I bit the bullet, talked to E.'s mom and invited E. over next Tuesday after school.

Aren't you proud of me?

Since play dates are not our norm around here, I am wondering what might be expected. Do I need to plan crafts or activities? Do I provide a little structure and then let them have some free play time as well? Do I need to hire a clown?

I'm thinking of having a muffin tin lunch (or picnic if it's nice weather), which I think they'll like. Since it will only be a couple of hours I don't want to go overboard, but I think I should have at least one or two activities planned. I like the idea of baking (I'd probably mix the dough ahead of time) and decorating Spring/Easter cookies or doing an easy craft, but I don't want to end up in a fetal position sucking my thumb in the corner over planning a play date either.

Any suggestions? Also, what do you do when confronted with an unsavory play date invitation? You know, the kind where you just don't want your child to be influenced by Damien. How do you handle those situations gracefully? So far I've just been vague and avoid-y (with a smile and small laugh), but not sure how to handle it if it comes down to the wire.

Without a Xanax.


  1. Ha ha - I laughed when you asked if you should hire a clown. I love your wit! Personally, I don't think you need to plan anything other than just some ideas in case they ask. I usually just keep things rolling with a snack time (LOVE the muffin tin lunch idea...that's so cute and memorable) and shoving them outside for a while. I stay out of all the activities, though, at this age. That way there's no precedence set for the future, hee hee!

  2. Holly- you are so funny!
    If I were you I would make a fun lunch then get one of your good books & then curl up with it. I bet they play great, just listen in & let it go.

    It's a play date- they will play.

    AFter this- when you see how much fun it is & how you can get so much done- you'll want to schedule play dates all the time.

    As far is the weirdo play pals-
    SHE'S BUSY! If your gut says don't trust them- believe it!

  3. Only chiming in to offer moral support as I'm not a playdate kind of mom. If a kid shows up on the doorstep, I let them in and my kids and the doorstep kids can have at it. Otherwise, I don't go the playdate route. I just remember "playdates" at my house when I was growing up...aka: GO DOWN THE BASEMENT AND DON'T RUN IN AND OUT OF THE HOUSE AND LET FLIES IN. ha! I guess my mother is rubbing off on me.

  4. Oh Holly....dear, dear, Holly!
    You needn't be Martha Stewart of play dates! I love everyones comments before mine; I am not a playdate kinda mom either...(luckily, my nieces live next door...family is a little different! seems to make G happy!) But I think making cookies would be great....maybe just the slice and bake kind, maybe let them put some pretty icing on them....simple. Have snacks around and they will do the rest! :)
    When G had one of her friends over when she was about 3 yrs old, I let them make cookies.....oh boy, the kind with the mixer. NOT a good idea for YOU, believe me!
    It will go fine!
    Hey....random thought! Where is a photo of your new specs?! I need ta see 'em!

  5. I would just let the girls play. I have never planned anything for a play date (or ever called them play dates)ever. Kids have no problem entertaining themselves, and the great perk to having a friend over is that it frees me up.

  6. I am copying the muffin tin lunch!

  7. i'm with jill- i'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl with playdates. this came about after i DID plan something and had it met with rejection in the form of them doing whatever they wanted to anyway. the only thing i have to plan for (with boys anyway) is to have food on hand. they always seem to be hungry...and they need CHOICES. :)

  8. Love that muffn tin lunch idea. I usually let mine just play and don't interrupt unless they need me. I check on them lots but they are so excited about getting to play together there usually are not too many spats. That last question is a tough one. I can remember just being "busy" alot.
    Have fun.

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  10. My doctor prescribed me 1mg Xanax about two years ago, one in the morning and one at night. It helps a lot but not as much as it did when I first started taking it. I am scared about stopping bc I once went 5 days without taking it and I felt horrible.


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