This Russian Dressing Is Not For Your Salad

What do you do when you realize the kind friends who loaned you an authentic Russian outfit many moons ago would probably appreciate it returned toote suite so their own daughter can wear it in the near future?

You postpone the requisite Sunday afternoon nap and hurriedly dress your somewhat reluctant daughter in said authentic ensemble, grab your camera bag and host an impromptu photo shoot.

First you try some shots outdoors in the harsh midday sun. Not so good.

Not only do you stress about bright sunlight, dappled-light shadows and the sheer fact that you are allowing your five year old to traipse around outside in a borrowed lace edged dress, but also the fact that your subject might likely wander off and look for worms.

Through gritted teeth you persuade your subject to ignore the itchiness of the dress and the watering eyes from the sunshine. All the while you somehow refrain from saying, "Suck it up and smile, sweetheart," while snapping several shots that look like this...

You give up on the outside photo shoot and decide to try your luck indoors. By this time every one is a tad crabby. You enlist your husband to find a white sheet or something to use as a backdrop. He finds a tablecloth and is given the job of holding it up for the remainder of this impromptu photo session on the stairs.
Ahhh...this is much better.

You take at least a bazillion shots in the hope a few might be keepers. As you do this your subject grows bored.

Thank goodness a few are keepers after all.

If you would like to see a few more take a peek over HERE.


  1. Wow, so cute! You definitely got some great shots -- even the worm looking one. I love the eyelet edging on her costume -- so pretty!

  2. so beautiful! good call taking the photos. :) she's going to love having those someday.

  3. I think it's funny that the reality of photo shoots is often so painful. I love the in-between shots that tell the real story. You ended up with some darling photos here, so it was definitely worth the sacrifice of the lost nap (ouch) and the negotiations during the shoot.

  4. She looks beautiful. Great idea dressing her up in her Russian attire.

  5. Darling photos! Clever clever title!


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