Opening Day

While the major leagues were kicking off their season Monday evening with news cameras and much fanfare, our church softball league did the same.

Except without the news coverage and elaborate fanfare, unless you count a few spouses and offspring who braved the brisk evening winds to cheer on their players.

Or chat amongst themselves while the offspring played. Whatever.

Devoted wife that I am, I managed to stop chatting and shivering at some point to snap a photo of Scott on first base.

During the chatting, as a few of the little people were nearby, one of which had two cute braids, I realized I have never braided A.'s hair. Why? Not sure. Ponytails, pigtails and barrettes, yes; braids no.

This morning A. was beside herself with glee to finally sport a braid. She had to keep checking her look in the mirror.

Scott's team won their two games and A. discovered braids. Although the Astros ended up losing to the Cubs, I'd still say our Opening Day was a hit.


  1. oooh! i'm jealous of springtime!!! and it cracks me up that you were shivering. it hit 40 degrees here and i was like "woo hoo! we don't need our coats today!" :)

    a's braid is beautiful!!! she has such gorgeous hair. i remember when i was little, my mom used to do princess braids all the time in my hair- at least that's what she called them. one braid on each side that got pulled to the back, with loose hair underneath. :)

  2. We loved opening day!!! We ate supper while we watched the Astro's "not do so well" (Bummer)!Good thing there are 161 more games left of the season!

    A.'s hair is getting so long! I too wear braids, but only with baseball caps!

    Happy Spring!

  3. Love A's braid! :) So cute! And yes, it was a fun opening night and COLD! I need to bring my camera...and do a post..for petes sake! HA HA!

  4. love the braid. when you're ready for a new twist, try a "fish tail". it looks cool!


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