Peeking Up From the Pit

So I'm gradually coming out of my funk and returning to semi-normal. Why not push myself all the way back to normal? Well, that would just be boring.

Thank you all so much for your gentle words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers after my soul baring last post. Writing about it helped, as did your kind comments. Thank you.

A few other things have helped me climb up from my self imposed pit of doom and gloom. I highly recommend keeping a supply of at least a couple of these in case you find your chariot swinging a bit too low:

*A group of your bestest girlfriends ringing your doorbell one morning and kidnapping you for emergency coffee and chatter. They don't care that you are wearing stretchy yoga pants for the third day in a row and are on the wrong side of fresh, they take you anyway.
*A rainy weekend timed perfectly with a sleepover with the grandparents for the little person.
*A date, albeit drenching, to eat Mediterranean food at a favorite haunt followed by renting a stack of movies at Blockbuster.
*Escaping mentally for several hours with Marley & Me, Hancock and Transporter 1 & 2.
*Develop crush on Jason Statham.
*Decide it is your duty to deplete a copious supply of fundraiser cookie dough in a surprisingly short period of time.
*Once the sugar high wears off, realize you will have to exercise non-stop for the next three weeks to balance the damage you have inflicted upon yourself.
*Banish those thoughts from your brain. Check to see if any cookies are left.
*Discover zippers and buttons are overrated. Elastic is totally the way to go. Continue to wear yoga pants with head held semi-high.
*Be incredibly grateful your family and friends put up with your moods and love you anyway.


  1. Oh Holly, somehow I missed your previous post but I just read it. I can't even imagine the devastation and lingering feelings all these years later. My dad died when I was in my early 20's and he left my family when I was in 6th grade so I grew up without him. The past couple years I've really been contemplating what I missed out on because he was absent, etc. I am a MOVE ON kind of person, too, but sometimes those thoughts just creep in. I'm be praying for you....you're such a wonderful, funny and beautiful person. This too, shall pass, as you know. But it may return again. *ugh* And I think the cookies are a GREAT idea!

  2. heehee, wrong side of fresh. heehee.


  3. you have some great friends. :) i'm so glad!!

    and your wrong side of fresh comment just cracked me up. as did the cookie dough and the elastic.

    it'll all work out. for now, enjoy your time and dough. :) and your stretchy pants.

  4. Your "wrong side of fresh" phrase had me laughing. I'm going to have to use that!

    I'm glad the funk is lifting a bit, and enjoy the elastic in the mean time!

  5. I'm glad the funk is starting to lift... rough.

    I am all about the movies & cookie dough- great therapy :)

  6. It's nice that your sense of humor is still in tact. Zippers and buttons are definitely overrated, as are fat grams, calories, mirrors, exercise and high school reunions (my 20th is in June and I'm wigging out).

  7. Embrace the stretchy pants! Glad you have sweet and lovely friends and family to help pull you out of the pit no matter if you are "on the wrong side of fresh" or not. That is a true friend :)

  8. Sorry I missed the coffee...I miss yall tons!

    I'm glad your better! I have been praying and thinking of you everyday!

    See ya soon!

  9. Coffee and chatter along with a date night with your husband (and the cookie dough) came at just the right time. LOL at the "other side of fresh" comment!


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