Tree Hugger

Our resident little person has succumbed to the call of the wild and has found a new place to roost...

She can be found most of the time perched rather birdlike in the cleft of a tree in our front yard. Being still small, she benefits from a stepladder her thoughtful dad placed beside her new home. Her essentials include a coloring book, crayons (notice the perfect natural spot for them, thank you Ma Nature), binoculars, a cheese stick and the occasional Popsicle.

First thing in the morning she begs to go to her tree and who are we to refuse?

This is where she can ponder God's creation,

or take a siesta.

Ahhh...this is the perfect spot for our little tree hugger.


  1. Oh I love this!

    what a great spot- she is one lucky gal---

  2. Max would do this too if we had such a nice tree around. I love her spot for the crayons!

    And yesterday was Arbor Day, too. (Hi there, I'm a homeschooler)

  3. oh how i wish i had a tree like that. the memories she's making...
    it's great! and how awesome that you caught it on camera!

  4. ooh! fun! I used to love to climb trees! when she gets a bit bigger she will likely go higher. my kids needed a bucket and rope to pull all their stuff up into the tree once they climbed up!

  5. Ooh I like the bucket idea, I'll have to remember that! This tree's V is pretty close to the ground, so it's ideal for her. Too many of our trees have been trimmed over the years and don't have many lower foothold type branches.

    Her crayon spot totally cracked me up when I saw it.

    I'm glad she developed her tree crush near Arbor Day--how appropriate. :)

  6. Wow, what an awesome place of solitude for her! It looks uncomfortable to me, but kids don't ever seem to ache the way adults do.

  7. Is she really sleeping in the tree?! Love these photos! So cute!


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