Walk of Shame

Who: Me

Where: Local Weight Watchers facility

When: This morning

What: See above picture

Why: Taking responsibility and seeking accountability.

This morning was a turning point. After months of waffling, excuses, denial and serious lack of self control, I got over myself and went to weigh-in. Going through those doors and stepping up on the scale was so much harder than the first time (about this time last year).

Y'all. It's bad.

It's not like I didn't know it would be, not like I haven't seen and felt the changes. Believe me, I have. Seeing my poundage # printed on the little sticker attached to my new WW pocket guide was difficult on several levels. Embarrassed and humiliated that the # was almost the same as when I first began WW last year; shame for the food choices made these last five months; regret over the lack of self-control and spotty exercise regime.


Stepping on the scale this morning at WW signifies a new beginning. Better choices and habits. Weekly accountability. A fresh start.

I'll keep you posted along my journey.


  1. Um, yeah. I can totally relate. I signed up (for the millionth time) about five weeks ago. Did great the first two weeks, haven't been back since. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?

    Ugh. Working on finding my own resolve. Let me know if it shows up in Texas.

  2. Oh I wish I could not relate!

    Way to Go!! Good for you for going- you are amazing for not quitting-

  3. Um, yea. I had a turning point, too after eating half a cake and getting on the scale. Hence, my crazy 12 week contest. But, I've lost it and have exercised every day. It feels great. You go, girl!

  4. Good for you for going!!!!!!

  5. Holly- I sent you an email that might be helpful!

  6. you are so brave. :) and how much do i love that you took a photo!!! i have those socks!!!

    everybody falls off the wagon sometimes...you get back on and ride again. you can totally do this. :)

  7. oh, I know you can do it! if I can, you can!! I'm behind you all the way. Everyone loves you no matter what, but feeling good about yourself ~ there's nothing like it! Believe me, I know. And I know you can do it! Yay! Go Holly!


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