What's Up With That?

So we make our weekly trek to our favorite Tex-Mex place for fajitas. We get settled and start gorging on chips (because it's mandatory). As we were going to our table, I noticed a couple in the booth across from us, the guy was on his cell phone.


A few minutes pass, I glance over to see him STILL on the phone. His date or wife or whatever is just sitting there.

A moment passes. She starts to send a text to someone. He continues to talk on his phone. She fiddles with her phone some more.

This goes on until about five minutes before we finish our fajitas. They have not spoken to each other AT ALL because of their cell phones! I happen to hear him say to whoever he was talking to, while ignoring his date/wife, "Well, I'll call you back later."

What on earth is there STILL to talk about? What is SO important you ignore the actual live person sitting across from you for 30 minutes? I just don't get it.

Not that I'm a confrontational person, not that it was ANY of my business, but it was all I could do not to poke my nose in and ask him about it.

Thank goodness there were plenty of chips and salsa to keep me occupied.


  1. AMEN!!!!

    And I love the post of A in the tree! She is too much! :)

  2. I can totally understand taking a call if you were expecting an important one or if it was related to business--but I would think most people would keep it as short as possible so they could get on with their meal/date/time together, etc.

    After posting this I thought back to several other instances where I have seen examples of this, people together, but not really together because of their phones or laptops.

    When do people say enough already?

  3. *ugh* - I hate that technology is robbing people of actual interaction. A long time ago I had a first date with a guy that took two cell phone calls within a matter of minutes (back before texting was in) and as he hit TALK on that second call I got up and walked out, never to be seen again.

  4. seriously this weekend we watched a guy text through the entire dinner and occassionally his wife would look over at what he was typing but they never spoke

  5. I think there could be an actual crime taking place but if there were chips and salsa sitting in front of me--I think I would stay glued to my seat...(what does this say about my character?--good grief!)

    That guy was a bonehead!

  6. I totally agree!!!

    The other night we went out as a family to eat and their were two girls that sat down from that texted the WHOLE time! I didn't see them visit with each other more then 5 miutes!

    Oh...everything has gotten so impersonal!

  7. mandatory chips. :) love it!!!

    i think i may be immune to cell phone stuff- maybe b/c i have been around too many college students who are GLUED to them. if it were me across the table, i'd smack him. :) unless i had chips, of course.

  8. That is so sad! I love to people watch in restaurants and try to figure out if people are dating, married, fighting...whatever.

    I hope you gave him a good evil eye.

  9. ya annoying, and really too sad.


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