Dear Annelise

In just a few months you will start Kindergarten. Of course, this school year is not yet over and we still have a lazy dazy summer to do first, but summer is really only a handful of weeks anyway. Gone in a flash of swimming, playing, lazing, maybe a tiny trip here or there, and then you will be a Kindergartner.


I think I'll be ready. I think. I know you will be ready. You take every new challenge with such zest, willingness and full throttle energy I must wonder if Kindergarten is ready for you.

These last few weeks of school you have asked more questions about what it will be like and I know you are testing the waters a bit. Warming up to the idea. It's hard for you to realize you will be in school all day. Me too, sweetie, me too. You seem to be most excited about taking your lunch every day and eating in the cafeteria. I'd be all about the food too.

You have even been doing your own version of homework on your own initiative.

You declared you wanted to practice math and science the other day. Sorry I couldn't put together something science-y, but you happily settled in solving some math problems.

I am also in awe of your personality. You are confident, outgoing and friendly. Thankfully, you are not a moody girl, generally you are upbeat and cheerful, quick to laugh and silly-it-up.

Of course you know your strengths, even at five, and use them to your benefit. Especially when you and Daddy go out on errands and you come home with surprises. Like last weekend when you and Daddy found a new pair of sneakers at Academy, which you needed.

But somehow you came home with a tent as well as the sneakers.

I'm guessing it's pretty fun to go shopping with Daddy.
It's also a lot of fun to play with Daddy too, and I love seeing y'all play together. It warms my heart. I love that you are a mix of rough and tumble sporty girl and princess-y girly girl.
For example, you recently discovered my little wooden decoupaged purse from when I was four years old and started using it yourself. To carry your Star Wars figures and a package of Swedish Fish.

This week I was so happy to sit with you in your last chapel of this year and watch you lead the pledges,

and see you receive your character certificate. You and your friends* were each given a Fruit of the Spirit trait and yours was love.

Your teacher got it right, you are full of love.
And I'm full of love for you, sweet girl.

*The little boys in your class, who are shall I say full of life (the same ones you always report to me as being "moved to red"), received the trait of joy. This made me giggle.


  1. sniff sniff...I love you too A and cannot believe that you are almost a kindergartener. Time flies! And your teacher got it right - you are bursting with love!

  2. Yes..that girl is full of LOVE! I know I love that girl and know she will have so much fun in kindergarten. Her teacher will be so lucky to have her...she's a sweetie!

  3. all these kiddos starting kindergarten this year really send pangs through my heart!

  4. Very sweet. I'm sure she will eat up kindergarten.

  5. What a sweet post. It was harder for me than the kids when they went off to kinder. Actually, right after Griffin started kindergarten is when we decided that yes, we did want a 3rd child. Him growing up and going to big school made me realize that I did not want to be done with babies yet.

  6. this is the greatest letter. i love it. she is such a sweet girl- and SMART!!!

    love- what a great trait to have...

    and yes- joy is something that should be assigned as the trait to those full of life. i have several joyful boys in primary... :)

  7. What a sweet mother you are :)

  8. she will treasure this letter... your beautiful girl, will. and the love that covers every word.

  9. It's so great that you wrote this now while you're feeling it. So much changes when kids go to school, especially when kindergarten is an all day affair (ours is only 2.5 hours).


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