in my mirror

i see:

a fresh haircut and color to strengthen my resolve to let my hair grow

even though it's taking it's own sweet time growing, i am thankful to have thick hair, so what i lack in length, i have in width (note new spike-ey sides i'm still adjusting to...hmmm)

the off exposure, glowing light that pleasantly washes out any skin imperfections and makes my teeth look whiter than they actually are

and the fact i'm still experimenting with Bare Minerals makeup and deciding whether i'm a true devotee or not

the wider hair-do seems to balance my glasses (maybe)


polka dot earrings worn for a dash of fun

my fun camera i should use daily to practice & improve my photography skills

someone that snapped a jillion shots to get an angle where my face doesn't look so corpulent

a girl still making poor food choices and not exercising

that same girl who sees (and feels) what is happening doesn't like herself when she is like this and yet...continues

a girl still trying to be content with herself

i see me


  1. i love your hair cut :)
    seems like perhaps we are having similar thought processes today...

  2. YOU are adorable, and this is a great post!!

  3. You really are adorable!
    I LOVe your hair & You--
    I feel like I could have written this post myself...

  4. I see the cutest girl. I too love your hair. :)

  5. Love the hair.
    Love the hilights.
    Love the glasses!

    You are a doll baby! :)

  6. I LOVE that photo. And I can SO relate to the last three. :-)


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