Mother's Day in Review

Friday morning I was Annelise's honored guest in her classroom for a Mother's Tea. Imagine my heart swelling as she greeted me, curtsied and then gently took my arm and led me to our table.

We enjoyed tea together (though she preferred apple juice),

along with an array of delightful treats.

The celebration soon drew to a close and it was time to leave, but not before receiving my very own hand painted blooming pot of purple pretties. I hope I don't kill them.

Mother's Day was low key (my favorite) with church, lunch at La Madeleine and a lazy afternoon around the house. Before naps, basketball playoff watching and reading, I gathered the troops for a family photo. I don't know why we don't do this more often, it's not that hard to set up the tripod and use the remote clicker, but we don't. After many snaps of silly faces, odd snarly faces, tickle breaks and A.'s turn with the clicker, we got at least one semi-keeper. Whew.

As I was doing A.'s hair before church, she asked the very deep philosophical question, "If there is a Mother's Day, why isn't there a day for me?" I smiled inside and gave the deep philosophical answer told to me when I was about her age and posed the same question, "Well that's easy, every day is your day because you're a kid."

Not so sure she swallowed that hook, line and sinker.


  1. Happy belated Mother's Day! This made me smile since that is exactly what my parents used to say when I asked that question: "every day is kids' day!"

  2. lovely family photo!!

    (lovely green wall behind you...)

  3. What a nice Mother's Day! I love peaceful, laid back days like that.

    I know what you mean about taking more family pictures. I even love the family self-portraits we take and don't know why we don't do them more often.

  4. Holly....we were to have a Mother's Day tea at school and G was sad we were going to be in Gatlinburg, so I took some yummy tea, honey spoons, etc for us to have tea Sunday morning....
    she wanted a juice box!

    LOVE your family portrait...

    I think everybody passes along the "everyday is kid's day" reason...wonder when that actually started?! hee hee....

  5. The portrait is great! Tell A Happy A day! I hope you had a great mother's day too!

  6. this is adorable. she is so cute. and your family is beautiful. i love pictures like that...

  7. It looks like a lovely day. And I enjoy the family photos. :-)

  8. even at 13 my daughter was plotting for "Kid's Day" or even better "Daughter's Day"! :)


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