Square One

As in starting back at square one. Uno. As in starting over.

After a hiatus so embarrassingly long I'm not quite sure how long it lasted, I blew the dust off my running shoes (Mizuno Creation in case anyone cares), hooked my sports bra and hit the street. Don't worry, I was wearing normal running attire as well.

For the first mile or so I felt every last doughnut, brownie, slice of pizza, basket of chips and salsa, and other assorted junk that I have chosen to eat these last several weeks. Or is it months? Um, didn't I reactivate my Weight Watchers membership at some point?

Y'all. It was hard. My legs were like lead. Lead covered with sugar and cheese.

In an effort to just survive, I changed my run/walk intervals from 5:1 down to 3:1. Good call. I survived 4 miles at an average pace of 12:15. I'll take that.

Highlights from the run:
Lovely evening, not too hot, no skeeters. Scott and Annelise keeping me company for a while on their bikes. Wishing I was on a bike. Watching a hang-glider as the sun set. Feeling my legs moving, my breath laboring, my body jiggling, sweat dripping actually felt pretty good, all things considered. To the people in their boat in the canal, sorry if I startled you. Pressing stop on my Garmin the second I reached 4 miles. Stretching.

Since I believe almost every life experience can relate to an episode of Seinfeld, I wanted to close with a quote from Kramer in honor of my first run in a long time and being out there, Jerry and loving every minute of it. (Strictly related to running of course).

But I couldn't find it. So you'll have to settle for this compilation of all time favorite scenes and catch phrases. Enjoy. And go ahead, laugh a little, it's good for you.


  1. good for you!
    i think that first step is the toughest... or even the lacing of the running shoes! i am searching for some motivation myself... just to jump on my bike or run around the block. hmmm... maybe your post is just what i needed :)

  2. Good for you, Holly! (And I wear Mizunos, too!)

  3. Lead covered with sugar & cheese- that's a good one!

    Good FOr You- getting out there Holly--- that is so darn hard to do-

    I loved the sienfeld youtube & I completely agree that just about everything compares to sienfeld-

  4. Yay for the skeeter absence, and double yay for your first run in a while. I'm rooting for you!

  5. I'm so impressed that you got out there and ran, especially once you were feeling so lead-like. You're an inspiration.

    For me, the Seinfeld quote that fits best is "I choose NOT to run!"

  6. good for you. I've been feeling rather weak lately.

    I too often find myself in a "seinfeld moment"!

  7. Oh, Seinfeld. How I miss that show! Best show ever in my opinion.

    I am also having a hard time getting back into running. Taking a break is brutal.

  8. ok, so i am impressed that you did a 12 min pace with the walk ratio. that is not shabby AT ALL! honestly, getting back on the horse is the hardest part i think. i am not looking forward to that long hard haul back into the game.

    those seinfeld clips are EXACTLY what i needed. love it!!!

  9. I totally concur that EVERYTHING in life can be related to a Seinfeld episode...I loved that show like crazy...Thanks for sharing this funny little clip...

    Way to be motivated! Maybe if I had some cute orange tennies like yours, I'd want to put them to good use! :)

  10. yay! good for you! I"m so glad you're back on the road with me! :o) keep it up.


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