The 'Ville Weekend: The Flip Side

So what did the mice do to keep themselves busy while the mama cat was away? Plenty!

Friday night they ate at their favorite deli which is conveniently located right next door to a Marble Slab. Saturday morning they went to Putt-Putt so A. could finally ride the bumper boats. After seeing them on an earlier visit, she had been talking, dreaming, pestering to go back sometime to ride them. Mama's weekend trip away was the perfect opportunity!

Of course she selected a pink boat. Later she got a hole in one on the 18th hole and was mighty proud. Maybe she'll grow up to be a golfer like her daddy.

Later that same afternoon they stopped by the Village Fair that was in town that weekend to play and spend too much $$ for tickets to ride rides. Oh well, it was worth it because she had a blast.

Cars, bikes, elephants...it didn't matter, they were all fun.

Scott said she liked this mini rollercoaster the best. I think it was a gator. Or a dragon.

Looks like they had fun while I was gone! I'm so thankful Scott is willing to take on solo-parent duty occasionally so I can enjoy time with my girlfriends. I'm also pleased he documents their adventures for The Blog.


  1. Jeepers! Next time let's all go with Scott and A. Seriously, he is major making some precious memories with his daughter and she will never forget them. Precious. And you are right, how thankful are we for those Daddy's that understand mommies need their own time. Thanks Scott!

  2. Looks like every little girl's idea of a perfect day!

  3. Scott's a great dad! And not a shabby photographer either! Great pics.

  4. Just a quick stop to wish you a Happy Mother's Day!

  5. With days like this I would think she'd be encouraging you to go out of town more often!

  6. sweet!!! i want somebody to take me out to do stuff like that!!! :)

  7. what a Daddy! not only taking her out for fun but photos for Blog too??? WOW!!! :)


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