Rekindling an Old Flame

Nah, not that kind of old flame.

In my ongoing quest to fight dry, reptilian skin brought on by too much summer sun and chlorine, I recently rediscovered my old moisturizing flame.

I used to use this faithfully because it manages to provide just the right amount of moisture with a little bit of sheen. For some reason that now escapes me I cast this tried and true aside as I moved on to other new and glitzy products. I guess I'm fickle.

Since it is an oil, and looking like the Pennzoil Man is a fashion faux pas, remember that a little bit goes a long way. I like to use it right after my shower (just a few drops here and there) before toweling off. It's great on dry-in-between-pedi feet too.

Thanks for taking me back, old flame.* You're a keeper.

Are you a fan of my old flame too? What do you use to fight dry summer skin without looking like a grease monkey?

*Now Alabama is playing in the soundtrack of my mind. On repeat.


Take Your Child to Work Day (or how to have a blow off day at work)

For the last two weeks Annelise had been counting down the days until Take Your Child to Work Day for NASA/JSC employees. Every day she'd ask for confirmation that her tally was right at least once or twice, or twenty times. I think Scott learned, for his future reference, not to tell her about exciting events too much in advance.

This year children ranging from Kindergarten through High School were invited to spend the day at their parent's job. The morning started early at Space Center Houston with an introduction/welcome session and an IMAX movie. There were lots of space related exhibits, shuttle mock-ups (don't tell, but Annelise crashed the shuttle during landing) and an indoor play area that was quite popular. Annelise was excited to see some of the space related memorabilia, like this EVA space suit, but she was MOST excited about something else.

This summer Space Center Houston is featuring exhibits on George Lucas and Star Wars. Of course she was beside herself with joy. See?

The rest of the day consisted of normal work stuff (meetings and such) for Scott while A. tagged along, a hot dog lunch in the cafeteria, coloring and playing with two other visiting kids close to her age and playing a NASA computer game installed especially for the day. It's all in a day's work.

All this hard work requires an occasional jolt of caffeine.

Er...make that water, she is after all only five.

She came home with a bag full of NASA stuff (posters, pictures, stickers, etc.), her own name badge, and some Pez dispensers she pilfered from Scott's desk. She was most excited to bring home a Millennium Falcon toy Scott had hidden at work and a Tie Fighter his coworker gave her. NASA is cool, but nothing can top Star Wars.

May the force be with you.


In Memoriam

Last Thursday afternoon one of my bestest girlfriends, Heather, received a shocking phone call from her mother, Lynn. Her precious grandfather, Ruben D. Whitfield, affectionately known to everyone as Poppi, fell from a ladder while working in their church's fellowship building helping to prepare for their upcoming VBS and was in ICU.

The prognosis was not good.

Family members from near and far scurried as quickly as they could to rally around their beloved Poppi as he was in a coma. There were countless prayers, countless tears, countless memories shared as they held vigil over him.

The Lord welcomed Poppi home late last Saturday evening.

You can say that Poppi lived a long, full, rewarding life. At 86, married to his lovely bride Naomi (Nana) for 67 years, loving father to three beautiful daughters, grandfather of many adults and great-grandfather of an ever growing brood of precious little ones, I'd say he did. You can say that he was a faithful Christian servant, working for many, many years sowing seeds for Christ through his quiet example of living daily for Jesus. He was. You can say he was an example of a truly successful man, not necessarily based on worldly criteria, but based on his influence on his family and those around him. He was. You can say he modeled love and hospitality. He did. You can say with confidence he is with Jesus and no longer suffering aches and pains of an aging body. He is. You can say all of this and so much more about Poppi.

And yet. Still.

I know his family is missing him something fierce.

My heart is tender for them.

I had the honor of meeting Poppi just last month after hearing so many stories from Heather over the years. Tuesday I had the honor of saying goodbye to Poppi at his memorial service in Smithville, TX. He touched so many lives as was evidenced by the overflowing church full of those he impacted through his long, exceedingly kind, humble life. Please keep Nana, their daughters Lynn, Jody and Kathy and all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren in your prayers as they adjust to life without their beloved Poppi.


Everything But The Kitchen Sink

What do you get when you have a filled to the brim weekend that oozes over into the beginning of the week, jumbled thoughts that don't seem worthy of a blog post, a sleep deprived body that forgets it has committed to running and P90X, the same body that also conveniently forgets its health conscious efforts when exposed to a bag of Cheetos, a crock pot of Rotel cheese dip, cookies and a La Madeleine lemon tart (not all consumed simultaneously, thank goodness), a nervous husband preparing to give a lesson before the entire congregation, a cat determined to lick all of her fur off , a take your child to work day for Scott and Annelise and a few days without Internet access (oh the technological humanity)?

You get me. The me who has not updated her blog in a week (loud gasps are being heard across the blogosphere I'm sure, well...then again, probably not).

Let me hit my invisible rewind button and try to backtrack blog some of the happenings these last several days.

Remember when you were a child waiting for your friends to come over? Five minutes felt like five hours and might have also been true since you couldn't tell time anyway. This is how Annelise spent a good part of Saturday afternoon.

I found her atop her car (outgrown but still used) playing lookout for her friends' arrival moaning loudly, "WWWHhe-ee-n will my friends get here? I CAN'T wait any longer! What time is it?" for at least a gazillion times. Good times.

Scott and several of his guy friends played in a softball tournament most of Saturday, leaving the moms and kidlets to while the afternoon away in the pool. Good times. Once the tourney ended the dusty, sunburned and slightly dehydrated guys came back for a sloppy joe supper. Good times. The kids played themselves to pieces between swimming, trampoline jumping, swinging, tag, group bug hunts and ghost stories told by flashlight. Thankfully, we gathered them all for a picture before all craziness broke loose. Good times.

Around 10:30 the guys decided it was time for a swim, so they hit the pool while the moms whisked all the dirty, exhausted children away for baths and bed. Good times.

Sunday afternoon called for more kid play after church. Annelise may never take a Sunday nap again now that she knows trampoline jumping, random play with friends, slip and sliding and watermelon chomping are possibilities. Don't let this picture fool you, she thought the watermelon was DEE-lish...

she just wanted to hurry up and have another turn at this...

Nothing says fun like a face full of water, if you're five.

Monday was full with Bible Power Hour and lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Seriously, is there a better place to eat? I don't think so! The food, the pleasantly polite staff, the cold drinks followed by the free refills, trading in the toy for an ice cream, the play center, the clever advertising, the mints and the individually wrapped packets of Purell wipes put Chick-Fil-A at the tippy top of my list.

So...the weekend was full and it was fun. The weekend was also tinged with much worry, prayer and sadness for a dear sweet friend and her family (more on that very soon).

Stay tuned for more enthralling updates from all the blog fodder from the first paragraph. I know you'll be waiting with baited breath. Won't you? Hmmm? Nudge, nudge...is anyone out there? Bueller...Bueller?


Five A Few for Friday

1. After realizing my personal project Grow My Hair Out was failing, I made a desperate call to my hair stylist. She worked her magic yesterday afternoon by leaving the front with the illusion of length and cropping the back super short. I guess I have come full circle, since I sported an angled bob two years ago. My hair and I have now come to an understanding. It can stay.

(Are you as tired of this pose as I am? I always seem to take my self-portraits at this angle. What's up with that? Just call me Barbra I guess.)

2. Annelise went with me to the hair salon and set up camp in the dryer chair with her colors, papers, and a snack.

(Her best Shar-Pay pose)

While I was being shampooed she started chatting up my stylist about getting her hair cut too. There was another stylist in between customers, so she offered to trim Annelise's manic mane. Sitting in the shampoo chair, getting a trim and a blow dry was quite the treat! She wanted her hair cut above her shoulders (YIKES!) and I wanted her to keep it long-ish for, well, ever. I'm scared once we cut it short she will seem so much older, so I'm digging my heels in on that one. We compromised with a couple inches snipped and a bang trim.

3. We eat at our favorite Tex-Mex place at least once a week, it's our thing. Since Scott and I are trying to watch our portions, we are trying something new: splitting a meal. Novel idea, right? We know the portions in most restaurants can feed a bus load of people, yet we usually take home leftovers (that may or may not get eaten), leave some on the plate or (GASP) eat the whole thing, rolling out of the restaurant feeling over stuffed and sick. No more! Stop the OINK!

Instead of getting fajitas for two as usual, we ordered it for one. You know what? It was plenty. We cut the chicken in smaller pieces and there was enough for us each to have two fajitas. Another bonus was our bill was less. Lesson learned: sharing meals will help our waistlines and our wallet. DUH.

Every time we leave Annelise feels compelled to ride the gold lion that sits in front of the restaurant. Every. single. time. Yesterday she decided to nap on top of the lion for some reason, so I had to snap a picture.

There you have my few. I could probably add a few more about me chasing my tail all day, doing a few little things, but never feeling like I accomplished anything as I worked on cleaning and decluttering. I seem to have left a trail like Hansel and Gretel. Or about how I'm planning on running a few miles with my running group in the wee hours of the morning. This will be my first group training run since October. I know. Fingers crossed I get up and not just ignore my alarm (as has been my MO lately).


Embracer of Change, That's Me (didn't you know?)

I don't know why I made today the day to embrace change. Again. Maybe there was no reason, maybe it was a mountain of reasons. Whatever. Something clicked in my head and I just knew I was ready.

I darkened the door of Weight Watchers this morning and stepped on the scale. I did. The good news is I lost 1.2 pounds. The bad news is I don't know what that truly means since today was my first time back since April 8th. Yes, you read that right. The other day I saw that my debit card had been charged the monthly WW membership fee and it made me mad. Not at them, at myself. Anger CAN be an effective motivator. I'm still counting today as a loss and moving forward. Let's just forget about that silly two month gap shall we? I am committing to writing down my food and recording the points. I am. I've already been documenting today. Go me.

I hope getting all up in WW again will benefit my P90X efforts as well. This is week 3 of Phase One. I don't think there are many visual changes yet, nothing really noticeable to others. I can see a few changes, slight (emphasis on slight) definition/tone developing. WHOOP! I am also a little stronger. This week my push-ups were better, I did pull ups with one leg on the chair instead of both and Ab Ripper X is actually more enjoyable (seriously still hard, but I can do more of it).

After WW I felt like I was on a roll, so A. and I went to the Y. If you thought the WW absence was pitiful, the Y is worse, don't think I've been there since spring break in March. I know. I've toyed with cancelling our membership since we don't use it like we should, yet it's convenient to have the option when needed. Like when it's 800 degrees outside. In the spirit of embracing change, I am committing to going to the Y more, ideally 3x a week at least to add cardio on strength P90X days. Fingers crossed.

It's been a while since I've run. (Are you sensing a pattern here?) Possibly over a month. Sigh. But, remember, I am now the Embracer of Change, so I hit the hamster wheel treadmill. Thank goodness for my iPod and Y&R (with captions) on the tele to help pass the time. Running: good, treadmill:boring.

Here are a few faves that played during my run:

Goodbye to You by the Veronicas (in honor of saying goodbye to the junk in my trunk).

Beyonce put an extra zing in my stride when Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) came on. Love the beat, but wasn't really singing to me (since today is our 14th wedding anniversary).

I asked Duffy for Mercy and was thankful when Madonna and JT told me I only had Four Minutes left.

4 miles and I didn't puke. I'll call that a success.

I also realized I am in need of some fresh running tunes and would love some suggestions. What gets your feet moving these days?


Muffin Top Karma

It's 3:00 pm and I just looked in a mirror.

I've been out and about since this morning when I scrambled into bermuda shorts, grabbed a go with everything white t-shirt, flip-flops, tossed make-up into my purse to put on later, herded Annelise to the car, leaving laundry on the sofa, dishes in the sink and a dishwasher ready to be unloaded.

I hate that.

But back to me.*

We were running late this morning (as usual). In my mind I thought, "I've been doing P90X for two weeks now, I bet I can wear my favorite bermuda shorts." They are the perfect length, the perfect drab cocoa, love them and want to have their babies. Last summer, thanks to Weight Watchers and training for a marathon, they were loose. Quite loose. Like I almost felt skinny loose.

So I put them on this morning. With a bit of effort and determination. And have worn them all day.

I must pause here to confess how I cattily commented to Scott about a girl's muffin top roll over on a recent episode of House Hunters, something along the lines of I would never wear...blah, blah, blah...if I had a roll like that...blah, catty, blah.

Like I said, it's 3:00 pm and I finally took a moment to really look in the mirror.

I owe that poor girl on House Hunters a huge apology.

Now I must do my workout.

*Remember in Beaches when CC (Bette Midler says), "But enough about me. Let's talk about you, what do you think of me?" This sums up blogging so well, don'tcha think?


Summer Bible Reading Club

Four summers ago our church began a summer reading program for children and their families (well, actually for anyone interested). The idea was to read the New Testament during the summer months as a family. At the time Annelise was almost three years old and probably could have sat and listened while we read out loud, yet we did not participate that year. We mistakenly thought she was too young . Yes, I kicked myself over those silly thoughts.

The next summer we signed up and read Psalms and Proverbs out loud each day (well, sometimes we had to play catch-up) and sang a few bible memory songs. Each time Annelise read 10 chapters she received a little prize (the prizes got a little bigger with each level) and moved her rocket up on the chart (the theme was Blast Off With God's Word). Having this small incentive kept her interested and motivated. At the end of the summer she received a certificate, a medal and got to go the ice cream party. She was quite pleased with herself, as were we.

Did she relate to or understand very much of Psalms and Proverbs? Probably not. The most important thing was she was exposed to listening to God's Word read directly from the Bible each day and saw her family make doing so part of her routine and saw that it was a priority. Since we also practiced memory songs after our readings, Annelise learned to sing the 66 books of the Bible by the end of the summer!

Last summer we were Wild About God's Word and we read the four Gospels. Something new was incorporated into the program, a weekly Bible Power Hour which consisted of a bible story, singing, a puppet show, craft and snack. This was a HUGE hit on many levels since it reinforced the daily family readings, was open to the community (there were several steady visitors each week, some of the boys and girls also invited their friends from school or neighborhood), it was fun for the kids and it was something we easily fit into our weekly summer routine--in fact it gave us a bit of a routine.

Here is a picture of Annelise and one of the crafts she made last summer.

At the end of the summer there was an awards ceremony where the boys and girls that completed the program received a medal and a certificate. Oh, yeah...there was ice cream too.

Annelise was pleased as punch to get another medal!

This summer we are reading Genesis and Exodus as a family. Bible Power Hour started last week and Annelise couldn't wait! She decided she would skip school that day so she wouldn't miss out.

Over the past few summers I have learned how important it is to read the Bible together as a family. That has always been one of our goals, yet not one we practiced regularly. I learned children are really never too young to listen to God's word, directly from the Bible (still regret missing the first summer reading challenge, kick me). At the end of each summer I am so fired up I want the daily readings to continue, but without a set schedule we get lazy. Sigh.

One last thing...

Annelise recently received a certificate for completing all nine memory work songs used in our regular children's bible hour. It's amazing what can be memorized when it's put into song! Along with the books of the bible they learn the Judges, the Sons of Jacob, the Ten Commandments, The Apostles, the Fruit of the Spirit to name a few. Or maybe more than a few.
She was beaming with pride--and so were we!


Existential Moments in Checkout Lane #7 {and giveaway results}

Somehow I let yesterday get away from me and I never drew the names for my little giveaway. How dare life get in the way of the blog, right?

Oh, how I kid.

This evening I looked at Random.org to try and figure out how to do a drawing like some fancy high tech bloggy people. Eh. Pretty nifty I guess, but I am more tactile, more old-fashioned. For me, part of the giveaway fun is to write out the names on paper, play with scissors and enlist help from small children in order to choose a winner.

Annelise drew TWO lucky winners. Sadie, our Golden Retriever, was holding out hope I'd change the prize to a new rubber bone or bag of dog treats, alas that was not to be. Congratulations are in order for...

MM and Rochelle because they are each the lucky winners of a Sonic gift card! Thanks to everyone that left a comment and played along!

I wanted to have a picture of me getting the Sonic gift cards today, timing it just right so Annelise and I could partake of Happy Hour at the same time, but that didn't happen. After schlepping through HEB forstinkingEVER this afternoon I was already tasting my Diet Coke with lime.

After weaving up and down the aisles, choosing this over that, inwardly moaning over not being a coupon shopper, outwardly saying, "No, we're not buying (insert random child targeted item) today" 25X, filling my cart with things that weren't on my list because I was hungry, giving in to a PEZ dispenser, trying to decide which toothpaste actually will live up to its claims, I approached the checkout line feeling like my brain had turned into mashed potatoes somewhere back in produce.

As I unloaded onto the conveyor belt I started the usual conversation in my brain that went something like this, "Should I have gotten the HEB meal deal? Is all that stuff REALLY free? Why did I buy four boxes of cereal? We had better eat all of this fruit and not let it rot. Grouping my items into like categories on the conveyor belt really slows the line down. Sorry. Why is the bagger putting all the cereal into one of the canvas bags when so many other things would fit in there better? See, now she's having to use plastic. Okay, relax, you can't control everything. So really, what's the deal with brown eggs?"

After loading the car, unloading at home, clearing out old stuff to make room for new stuff, washing and cutting fruit and veggies while I was on a roll, I somehow missed the window for Happy Hour. Rats.

You know what? After buying all those groceries today do you think we ate at home tonight? Nope.

Does grocery shopping turn your brain to mashed potatoes too? Do you find yourself questioning the bagger's methods? What is your biggest grocery related peeve?


In Which I Sing Gloria Gaynor (as I sweat)

Remember that ol' disco ditty, "I Will Survive"? That has become my new mantra (thankfully, I don't have the 'fro to go with it) as I move into my second week of P90X.

I have exercised 8 out of the last 9 days.

Let's all take a moment to let that sink in, shall we?

The way that P90X works is you rotate through various strength training and cardio workouts for the first 3 weeks, then recover with cardio, yoga and stretching during the fourth week. That's Phase One. I have chosen not to investigate Phase Two until I survive this one first, call it delayed fear or selective denial, whatever.

The trainer, the freakishly fit, strangely bronzed, Tony Horton, tells me to "Bring It", to "Try My Best and Forget the Rest", not to say "I Can't", but say, "I Presently Struggle With..."(okay, that one made me laugh, like it's the politically correct phrase for tortuous exercise) and then he makes it all look easy. It's not. At all.

The workouts are challenging, okay, downright hard, but I like them. The Chest & Back workout is the hardest for me right now, as I have wimpy upper body strength. I can't fully do all the push-ups in all the various ways like they demonstrate, I do them on my knees and barely move down and up, but I'm trying. And sweating. I modify my pull-ups with the support of a chair. I'm trying. And sweating. And it's good. My favorite cardio workout is Plyometrics, which is a form of jump/agility training. Kenpo X is fast and fun, along the lines of kickboxing. Ab Ripper X makes my cry. Right now, all the workouts are hard. I have to modify some of the moves or not complete as many reps as they do. Or I take a break (shhh).

Even though it's hard, I like the challenge of each workout. I want to see and feel myself getting stronger, able to do real push-ups, able to do a real pull-up, able to lift heavier weights for more reps. Will I get RIPPED? Ha! We'll see. I do hope to get toned, more fit , leaner less jiggly and lumpy.

The system also came with a nutrition plan which is still sitting on the counter. So, no, we aren't following that...YET. I seem to have lost my willpower to go to the grocery store. Again. So obviously there is room for improvement in this area, on many levels.

Today calls for Shoulders & Arms along with Ab Ripper X (cringe). Wish me luck. Thanks.

Be sure to enter my Sonic giveaway!!


What Time Is It?

Thanks to Troy, Chad, Gabriella, Ryan, Sharpay, the catchy tune, peppy choreography and masterful Disney marketing, I can't ask what time it is without that song popping into my head, so I had to share. Be sure to thank me later.

In case you didn't know, I am a terrible procrastinator. Crafty ideas pop into my head, but I don't always allow enough time to execute them. I always say next year I'll do a better job, yada, yada. Recently, I spotted an idea for a teacher gift on Jill's blog and thought, "Hey, Annelise and I could do that." I liked the fact it was personal while still being simple. We started writing the poem last week (go us), then got stumped on the O phrases. True to form, last night we finished it up with Annelise signing her name approximately 2 minutes before she hopped in bed. Go us.

Okay, please don't laugh at the next one. Well, laugh if you must, just keep your mockery to yourself, m'kay? Our printer was on the blink, some doo-hickie fell off and it wouldn't work, so I had to improvise the tags. Yes, they actually say, "Hope you have a Whopper of a summer!" Am I clever or what?

Here is Annelise right before we left for school. My future Kindergartner.

One last picture with her sweet teacher, Mrs. Woods. And yes, that is a light saber that A. made with the connect-a-blocks, her Star Wars obsession runs deep, folks.

So...say it with me, what time is it? Summertime!

Don't forget to enter my little giveaway!!


New Bird on the Blog {and a giveaway}

Did y'all notice anything new?

Maybe a sassy pink bird decked out in running shoes gracing the header of my uber cool new blog design? Yeah, that one. Isn't she cute? Whythankyouverymuch.

Oodles of thanks are in order for Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife (if you aren't reading her blog, you should) and DCR Design for sprucing up my little ol' blog and giving it such a snazzy new flair. If you are in the mood to change your blog design, I highly recommend you check her out!

In honor of my new design, in honor of summer and in honor of non-alcoholic happy hours at Sonic, I'm having a little giveaway for a Sonic gift card. I bet you are doing a happy dance right there in front of your computer, am I right?

Just leave me a comment, that's it, and I'll draw TWO lucky winners on Thursday 6/11. Come on, it'll be fun. If you are a lurker, well, I'm quite happy you read my blog and this would be the perfect time to pop on out and say, "Hi".

So...whaddya think?


Five for Friday

I big puffy heart love Five for Friday posts because they give me a chance to blog about completely random, usually unrelated things. Not that I don't do that anyway.

Here we go...

1. Monday was a stinker of a day thanks to the migraine I woke up with and spent the better part of the day living through. I get them occasionally, some are doozies and some are more bearable, this one fell in the doozy category. I don't know if certain foods trigger them or if they are PMS/hormonal (tend to think the latter, because guess what arrived later this week). It was all I could do to just lie on my bed, in the dark and try not to vomit. Annelise came in to ask if she was going to go to school or not. I mumbled something about being sorry, but Mama can't sit up much less drive. She was the sweetest thing though, keeping herself busy playing with Legos, dolls, coloring and playing PBS kids for quite a while. She even foraged her own breakfast, an apple and a cheese stick as they were the most accessible. Note to self: move cereal to lower shelf. Sometime in the later afternoon the migraine wore off and I felt human again.

2. Are y'all watching So You Think You Can Dance? If not, why not?!?!? They just announced the Top 20, so it's not too late to jump in and watch, now is when the fun really begins! The talent is amazing, absolutely jaw dropping dancing (I can't dance worth beans, but I love the show). Now that the show is back this summer, I'm totally obsessed with Mia Michael's hair all over again. Totally. How badly do I want to cut my hair all spiky funky and dye it peroxide blonde? Um...pretty ding dang bad.

3. Annelise rarely naps any more. I know, it's sad. We usually enforce naps on Sundays and Wednesdays (since there are evening church services), but that's about it. Last week we had our usual conversation along the lines of it being time for her nap, how she wasn't tired, naps are boring, and she was not going to sleep at all. At all.

Approximately 10 minutes later...

(She's been obsessed with her sleeping bag recently.)

4. So Scott and I have started something new (and I'll probably blog more about it from time to time). We totally drank the Kool-Aid and ordered the P90X workout system. We did. It sat on our counter for a few weeks while we waited for just the right time to start, or so we said. Well, this was the week. Y'all. It's TUFF. By Wednesday I could hardly move, my entire body was crying, but it was a good kind of cry I guess.

Thursday was Yoga X (I'm learning that the X means extreme, or just the other side of crazy) and Annelise took my picture trying to balance in some whacked out warrior pose.

I will never make fun of yoga again. Never. Sweat was dripping all over various places and parts. I attempted to do all the poses and moves, it was quite a challenge. I wore my shoes for part of it since I have weird wonky feet that need stability. I also wore shorts, which I'll probably not do again. As you are contorting into all of the positions you see your legs in all their glory. Note to self: wear yoga pants in the future. I also realized I really must vacuum.

5. I am officially an old fuddy duddy. Why? Because I'm obsessed with Gold Bond Powder (the extra-strength version has menthol in it and it's cool and tingly). I know. Now that we are almost knee deep (or should I say armpit deep?) in the suffocating, stifling, fry an egg on the sidewalk, two shower days of summer in South Texas, Gold Bond is my friend. Close friend.


My Next Luau Better Be In Hawaii

For days the anticipation built among 8 five year olds as they talked about Hawaii, made straw and flower leis and practiced hula dancing. Today was the day for their end of the year water party/luau (although it's not the end of school...yet). They wore their swimsuits under their clothes and were extra wiggly and jiggly as they waited for the inflatables to be set up and the water party to begin.

Bless their teacher. Bless. Her.

There was much splashing in the pool along with...

running through the sprinklers.

After plenty of water play, fun with bubbles and an ocean play center it was time for lunch.

Somehow 8 children managed to get toweled off and dressed without any incident. Well, except for the one little boy so eager to eat he ran out of the changing room in just his undies. Oh well.

There was quite the spread, which was good because these small children ate like truck drivers. I made the pigs in a blanket and there was not one little piggy left in the space of ten minutes! Oink! Oink!

There was an inflatable palm tree thingie that was filled with ice and juice pouches which was festive and cute, but seriously too tempting for them. Who knew ice was so fascinating? They each wore a grass type skirt and showed off their hula skills, it was cute. The boys did this macho chant jumping thing which was hysterical.

Soon it was time to go, so the luau drew to a close with the distribution of sand buckets filled with treats (AKA junk). After 3.5 hours of keyed up excitement and silliness of 8 preschoolers I was quite ready to load up my singular child and head home. Aloha.


Oops...I Glued It Again

One afternoon last week I was struck with the urge to create something and at the same time spruce up our foyer windows. A couple of years ago I bought two decorative iron thingies (technical decorating term used only in exclusive circles) to hang above each window. They made me happy. For a while. Then I discovered The Nester.

My decorating life was forever changed.

I soon tried making my own mistreatments. Twice. I suddenly wanted to cover the whole world with fabric, fringe and glue, making it a prettier, cozier place. Then my craft ADHD kicked in and I put my trusty glue gun aside for a while in pursuit of something else (though I don't remember what exactly).

Anyway, back to last week. I asked Scott to measure the height of the foyer windows from the top to the floor and Annelise and I headed out for my happy place, Hobby Lobby. I had burlap on the brain, and it was soon in my cart, along with some poofy black silk and black fringe.

A couple of hours later we found ourselves back at Hobby Lobby since my sweet hubs didn't hear the part about measuring all the way to the floor. My cheap burlap mistreatments were gradually getting more expensive as I picked out additional fabric to fill in the gaps.

I did not want to take down the iron thingies since I still liked them. Normally I would have raised the fabric higher than the window because not only does it make your window appear larger, The Nester tells us to. Leaving the iron thingies as some sort of extreme topper, I decided to try The Nester's Nail Your Clips Right on the Wall Approach.

After 2 or three glue sticks, one blister, another trip to HL for more clip rings, a coffee break here and there, a Star Wars marathon for Annelise, clipping and much folding, fluffing and floofing I was finished. Well, there may have been additional floofing and fluffing. Cue the drum roll please...here is the window on the left.

And because I don't want the one on the right to feel left out, here it is too.

Here is a closer look at the patterned section.

Because I just don't know when to stop, I've got one more view for you. Are you still here?

There you have it. Or them. My latest fun with glue in all it's glory.

My Stuart Smalley needy side is of course wondering what y'all think. So, please...do tell.
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