Embracer of Change, That's Me (didn't you know?)

I don't know why I made today the day to embrace change. Again. Maybe there was no reason, maybe it was a mountain of reasons. Whatever. Something clicked in my head and I just knew I was ready.

I darkened the door of Weight Watchers this morning and stepped on the scale. I did. The good news is I lost 1.2 pounds. The bad news is I don't know what that truly means since today was my first time back since April 8th. Yes, you read that right. The other day I saw that my debit card had been charged the monthly WW membership fee and it made me mad. Not at them, at myself. Anger CAN be an effective motivator. I'm still counting today as a loss and moving forward. Let's just forget about that silly two month gap shall we? I am committing to writing down my food and recording the points. I am. I've already been documenting today. Go me.

I hope getting all up in WW again will benefit my P90X efforts as well. This is week 3 of Phase One. I don't think there are many visual changes yet, nothing really noticeable to others. I can see a few changes, slight (emphasis on slight) definition/tone developing. WHOOP! I am also a little stronger. This week my push-ups were better, I did pull ups with one leg on the chair instead of both and Ab Ripper X is actually more enjoyable (seriously still hard, but I can do more of it).

After WW I felt like I was on a roll, so A. and I went to the Y. If you thought the WW absence was pitiful, the Y is worse, don't think I've been there since spring break in March. I know. I've toyed with cancelling our membership since we don't use it like we should, yet it's convenient to have the option when needed. Like when it's 800 degrees outside. In the spirit of embracing change, I am committing to going to the Y more, ideally 3x a week at least to add cardio on strength P90X days. Fingers crossed.

It's been a while since I've run. (Are you sensing a pattern here?) Possibly over a month. Sigh. But, remember, I am now the Embracer of Change, so I hit the hamster wheel treadmill. Thank goodness for my iPod and Y&R (with captions) on the tele to help pass the time. Running: good, treadmill:boring.

Here are a few faves that played during my run:

Goodbye to You by the Veronicas (in honor of saying goodbye to the junk in my trunk).

Beyonce put an extra zing in my stride when Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) came on. Love the beat, but wasn't really singing to me (since today is our 14th wedding anniversary).

I asked Duffy for Mercy and was thankful when Madonna and JT told me I only had Four Minutes left.

4 miles and I didn't puke. I'll call that a success.

I also realized I am in need of some fresh running tunes and would love some suggestions. What gets your feet moving these days?


  1. I don't have any music recommendations this time (big shocker), mainly because I haven't run in almost literally 6 months. But...like you, I'm an embracer of change, and I'm starting ww and my marathon training program next week. Good luck to both of us!

  2. Congrats on embracing the change! :) I have been listening to Poker Face by Lady GaGa, Jai Ho by A.R.Rahman, Get Me Bodied by Beyonce, Let's Dance by Hawk Nelson, Today Is The Day by Lincoln Brewster lately while running. Kind of a variety of artists!:)

  3. Good for you Anne! Let's embrace change together, K?

    Pam: Thanks for the tunes. I like Lady Gaga (the beat, not really her) and Jai Ho. I'll have to check the others out soon.

  4. sounds like some good effects already from the P90X!

  5. I love running to Single Ladies. It's not new, but "Let's Get it Started" by the Black Eyed Peas always gets me moving. The Foo Fighters most recent album also has some good rock tunes for running. And four miles after a month off? That is awesome!

  6. Go Holly! Happy Anniversary, too.

  7. Me and my muff will see you at WW on next Wednesday...the one after Ladies Class. I'm proud of you for going...even after a night at LaMadeleine!!! You are brave! BTW - today Granny was talking aobut you and said, "You know that A? Well, her mom is so pretty." Warm fuzzies to you! :)

  8. Are you sure you weren't listening to my workout playlist...

  9. "O...Saya" from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack does it for me.

  10. You go, girl! I'm ready for a change...(i'm just days away from donning my swimsuit!)eeeeekkkk!

    My favorite tunes for the moment is the Wicked soundtrack...(I never tire of it!)

  11. Love all those songs. I am going out of town for two weeks soon and am so worried I am going to be so out of shape when I get back. I really hope I can run at least once or twice.

  12. 4 miles! that's great! yahoo! you should see the pounds start to melt soon. Just focus on getting stronger and in better shape, then before you know it, you'll have lost a few pounds to boot! yay! keep it up! ;O)

  13. Kudos to you for going back to WW and the Y! You're doing so great with all your exercising and efforts. So far I'm still in the thinking-about-it mode (and have been for years). Ugh.

    Your song sentences were amusing!


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