Everything But The Kitchen Sink

What do you get when you have a filled to the brim weekend that oozes over into the beginning of the week, jumbled thoughts that don't seem worthy of a blog post, a sleep deprived body that forgets it has committed to running and P90X, the same body that also conveniently forgets its health conscious efforts when exposed to a bag of Cheetos, a crock pot of Rotel cheese dip, cookies and a La Madeleine lemon tart (not all consumed simultaneously, thank goodness), a nervous husband preparing to give a lesson before the entire congregation, a cat determined to lick all of her fur off , a take your child to work day for Scott and Annelise and a few days without Internet access (oh the technological humanity)?

You get me. The me who has not updated her blog in a week (loud gasps are being heard across the blogosphere I'm sure, well...then again, probably not).

Let me hit my invisible rewind button and try to backtrack blog some of the happenings these last several days.

Remember when you were a child waiting for your friends to come over? Five minutes felt like five hours and might have also been true since you couldn't tell time anyway. This is how Annelise spent a good part of Saturday afternoon.

I found her atop her car (outgrown but still used) playing lookout for her friends' arrival moaning loudly, "WWWHhe-ee-n will my friends get here? I CAN'T wait any longer! What time is it?" for at least a gazillion times. Good times.

Scott and several of his guy friends played in a softball tournament most of Saturday, leaving the moms and kidlets to while the afternoon away in the pool. Good times. Once the tourney ended the dusty, sunburned and slightly dehydrated guys came back for a sloppy joe supper. Good times. The kids played themselves to pieces between swimming, trampoline jumping, swinging, tag, group bug hunts and ghost stories told by flashlight. Thankfully, we gathered them all for a picture before all craziness broke loose. Good times.

Around 10:30 the guys decided it was time for a swim, so they hit the pool while the moms whisked all the dirty, exhausted children away for baths and bed. Good times.

Sunday afternoon called for more kid play after church. Annelise may never take a Sunday nap again now that she knows trampoline jumping, random play with friends, slip and sliding and watermelon chomping are possibilities. Don't let this picture fool you, she thought the watermelon was DEE-lish...

she just wanted to hurry up and have another turn at this...

Nothing says fun like a face full of water, if you're five.

Monday was full with Bible Power Hour and lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Seriously, is there a better place to eat? I don't think so! The food, the pleasantly polite staff, the cold drinks followed by the free refills, trading in the toy for an ice cream, the play center, the clever advertising, the mints and the individually wrapped packets of Purell wipes put Chick-Fil-A at the tippy top of my list.

So...the weekend was full and it was fun. The weekend was also tinged with much worry, prayer and sadness for a dear sweet friend and her family (more on that very soon).

Stay tuned for more enthralling updates from all the blog fodder from the first paragraph. I know you'll be waiting with baited breath. Won't you? Hmmm? Nudge, nudge...is anyone out there? Bueller...Bueller?


  1. Wow...your summer is right in my wheel hose..afternoons at the pool, cheetos, rotel, blowing off the gym, chik-fil-a lunches...it doesn't get any better!

  2. SO much fun!!! And I'm sure all of the delicious food was point free - hahahaha! I'm still not recovered from the lack of sleep...but would do all the fun again in a heartbeat!

  3. You guys always seem to be doing really fun things, no wonder Annelise isn't going to want to take a Sunday nap ever again!

  4. Jill: Ha! We are really not fun at all, it just seems that way since last weekend was OTT fun. This weekend has been OTT low-key--just the way I like it.

  5. Ok, A. just cracks me up. Her face in the group shot made me laugh.

  6. We are totally in the silly face phase of picture posing--the current silly face involves sticking her tongue out. If it's not a silly face, it's a smile so fake it hurts.


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