Existential Moments in Checkout Lane #7 {and giveaway results}

Somehow I let yesterday get away from me and I never drew the names for my little giveaway. How dare life get in the way of the blog, right?

Oh, how I kid.

This evening I looked at Random.org to try and figure out how to do a drawing like some fancy high tech bloggy people. Eh. Pretty nifty I guess, but I am more tactile, more old-fashioned. For me, part of the giveaway fun is to write out the names on paper, play with scissors and enlist help from small children in order to choose a winner.

Annelise drew TWO lucky winners. Sadie, our Golden Retriever, was holding out hope I'd change the prize to a new rubber bone or bag of dog treats, alas that was not to be. Congratulations are in order for...

MM and Rochelle because they are each the lucky winners of a Sonic gift card! Thanks to everyone that left a comment and played along!

I wanted to have a picture of me getting the Sonic gift cards today, timing it just right so Annelise and I could partake of Happy Hour at the same time, but that didn't happen. After schlepping through HEB forstinkingEVER this afternoon I was already tasting my Diet Coke with lime.

After weaving up and down the aisles, choosing this over that, inwardly moaning over not being a coupon shopper, outwardly saying, "No, we're not buying (insert random child targeted item) today" 25X, filling my cart with things that weren't on my list because I was hungry, giving in to a PEZ dispenser, trying to decide which toothpaste actually will live up to its claims, I approached the checkout line feeling like my brain had turned into mashed potatoes somewhere back in produce.

As I unloaded onto the conveyor belt I started the usual conversation in my brain that went something like this, "Should I have gotten the HEB meal deal? Is all that stuff REALLY free? Why did I buy four boxes of cereal? We had better eat all of this fruit and not let it rot. Grouping my items into like categories on the conveyor belt really slows the line down. Sorry. Why is the bagger putting all the cereal into one of the canvas bags when so many other things would fit in there better? See, now she's having to use plastic. Okay, relax, you can't control everything. So really, what's the deal with brown eggs?"

After loading the car, unloading at home, clearing out old stuff to make room for new stuff, washing and cutting fruit and veggies while I was on a roll, I somehow missed the window for Happy Hour. Rats.

You know what? After buying all those groceries today do you think we ate at home tonight? Nope.

Does grocery shopping turn your brain to mashed potatoes too? Do you find yourself questioning the bagger's methods? What is your biggest grocery related peeve?


  1. Holly, it freaks me out to read some of the things going through your mind cause it is so ME! ha ha!

    Congrats to your winners....hope they have a cherry limeade for me :)

    Question: let me know your favorite ways to eat Ezekial bread? I recently bought my first loaf and want some guidance!!

  2. I love that you took a pic of the cart! I need to do that...and if you don't categorize your food on the belt how can you stand yourself?!?!? Is there really any other way?

    PS - I just saw the HSM2 clip!!!!! You know that is my favorite song! Corbin Blue dancing with the cheerleaders...Zac Efron with the basketball players...the cafeteria. Seriously, I think I'm 8 again! Thanks for making my night with the clip!!!

  3. glad you at least got the trip to the grocery store over :) i really find it satisfying to group my groceries... time consuming or not! but i have to give it up if my kids are trying to help. i don't need people thinking i'm a freak from yelling "not there!" at my kiddos... for putting the cheese with the veggies, when it will only be there a few seconds! and of course the bagger will mess it up anyway! (oh, how i love when there is no bagger and I get to do it myself!)

  4. I don't mind going to the grocery if it's just me and Luci but with both kids - forget it! Groceries are so expensive now that it is a whole new level of stress to grocery shop.

  5. Holly, cute blog! Thank you for stopping by. I don't think I've been over here before, so it's nice to meet you. Hope you'll come back & get into some decorating with me too. I saw your window mistreatments, they turned out very nice.

  6. I actually go to the grocery store by myself every other Thursday night after the little guy is in bed. I really enjoy it (and for a family of 5 always have a huge cart full). I am not a menu maker, nor a coupon person and I wish I could be better at that and more organized as far as what we eat, but the shopping part is good. A little "me" time- sad....most people probably get a massage or something.

  7. YEAH ME!!! There is nothing I'd rather have. And that's the truth. Especially right now. We just got to Utah this afternoon after a long 20 hour drive (straight shot!). I could use a big diet cherry limeade with easy ice. I'm just sayin'! I'll email you later.

    Thanks, Holly!!!

  8. grocery shopping does turn the brain to mush! who knew it is so hard to find plain old crest toothpaste in the sea of all the new fangled flavors.

    the baggers drive me crazy! though the ones at heb seem to be getting better w/ the reusable bags. but still, I find myself instructing them on how I want it bagged!

  9. Grocery shopping etc... such work out on the brain- food it's emotional for me- everything about it.

  10. ok, so your stream of consciousness in the grocery line is eerily similar to mine. lately, i have no idea what i'm doing in a grocery store. i buy food out of habit... and i constantly question the bagger. i find myself trying to arrange things so (s)he can bag it like i set it out...and yet i find random items stuffed into places they shouldn't be...

  11. darn, i missed out on your giveaway! i've been gone too long! I do love the new blog layout, though. :o)

  12. I love it so much that you went out to dinner even though you'd just gone grocery shopping!!!

    I also love all the random thoughts you had while shopping. It's fun to know I'm not alone.


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