Five A Few for Friday

1. After realizing my personal project Grow My Hair Out was failing, I made a desperate call to my hair stylist. She worked her magic yesterday afternoon by leaving the front with the illusion of length and cropping the back super short. I guess I have come full circle, since I sported an angled bob two years ago. My hair and I have now come to an understanding. It can stay.

(Are you as tired of this pose as I am? I always seem to take my self-portraits at this angle. What's up with that? Just call me Barbra I guess.)

2. Annelise went with me to the hair salon and set up camp in the dryer chair with her colors, papers, and a snack.

(Her best Shar-Pay pose)

While I was being shampooed she started chatting up my stylist about getting her hair cut too. There was another stylist in between customers, so she offered to trim Annelise's manic mane. Sitting in the shampoo chair, getting a trim and a blow dry was quite the treat! She wanted her hair cut above her shoulders (YIKES!) and I wanted her to keep it long-ish for, well, ever. I'm scared once we cut it short she will seem so much older, so I'm digging my heels in on that one. We compromised with a couple inches snipped and a bang trim.

3. We eat at our favorite Tex-Mex place at least once a week, it's our thing. Since Scott and I are trying to watch our portions, we are trying something new: splitting a meal. Novel idea, right? We know the portions in most restaurants can feed a bus load of people, yet we usually take home leftovers (that may or may not get eaten), leave some on the plate or (GASP) eat the whole thing, rolling out of the restaurant feeling over stuffed and sick. No more! Stop the OINK!

Instead of getting fajitas for two as usual, we ordered it for one. You know what? It was plenty. We cut the chicken in smaller pieces and there was enough for us each to have two fajitas. Another bonus was our bill was less. Lesson learned: sharing meals will help our waistlines and our wallet. DUH.

Every time we leave Annelise feels compelled to ride the gold lion that sits in front of the restaurant. Every. single. time. Yesterday she decided to nap on top of the lion for some reason, so I had to snap a picture.

There you have my few. I could probably add a few more about me chasing my tail all day, doing a few little things, but never feeling like I accomplished anything as I worked on cleaning and decluttering. I seem to have left a trail like Hansel and Gretel. Or about how I'm planning on running a few miles with my running group in the wee hours of the morning. This will be my first group training run since October. I know. Fingers crossed I get up and not just ignore my alarm (as has been my MO lately).


  1. Love the hair. I used to go to the "hairdresser" with my mom, too (way back oh so many years ago) and set up came in a dryer chair, too.

  2. It's been too long since I visited you! I love your new blog look! It's awesome. :o) And I love the new 'do'. I am in that awful state right now of wanting to grow my hair but thinking I should just keep it short. Ugghh... I hate this decision. Your's looks so cute...

    Love the idea of splitting a meal! Have fun on your run! On a group run, to you all stay together?? Just wondering?

  3. The lion pic is so cute! My hubby and I have talked about splitting meals to - I agree with you - DUH - why had this never occured to us before?

  4. Splitting a meal is a good idea, though I'm sure I'd feel panicked about it at first.

    Why is there a gold lion outside a Tex-Mex place? I'm confused.

  5. I forgot to say, your hair looks fabulous! Also, I do the same thing with self-portraits and also when I look in the mirror. I make the same faces and turn my head a certain way. Why is that?

  6. Jill: Isn't it funny about the lion? I don't know how or if it relates to anything Tex-Mex, but there are two of them flanking the entrance. Annelise always heads for this one in particular. I guess the owners just like lions? And gold?


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