Five for Friday

I big puffy heart love Five for Friday posts because they give me a chance to blog about completely random, usually unrelated things. Not that I don't do that anyway.

Here we go...

1. Monday was a stinker of a day thanks to the migraine I woke up with and spent the better part of the day living through. I get them occasionally, some are doozies and some are more bearable, this one fell in the doozy category. I don't know if certain foods trigger them or if they are PMS/hormonal (tend to think the latter, because guess what arrived later this week). It was all I could do to just lie on my bed, in the dark and try not to vomit. Annelise came in to ask if she was going to go to school or not. I mumbled something about being sorry, but Mama can't sit up much less drive. She was the sweetest thing though, keeping herself busy playing with Legos, dolls, coloring and playing PBS kids for quite a while. She even foraged her own breakfast, an apple and a cheese stick as they were the most accessible. Note to self: move cereal to lower shelf. Sometime in the later afternoon the migraine wore off and I felt human again.

2. Are y'all watching So You Think You Can Dance? If not, why not?!?!? They just announced the Top 20, so it's not too late to jump in and watch, now is when the fun really begins! The talent is amazing, absolutely jaw dropping dancing (I can't dance worth beans, but I love the show). Now that the show is back this summer, I'm totally obsessed with Mia Michael's hair all over again. Totally. How badly do I want to cut my hair all spiky funky and dye it peroxide blonde? Um...pretty ding dang bad.

3. Annelise rarely naps any more. I know, it's sad. We usually enforce naps on Sundays and Wednesdays (since there are evening church services), but that's about it. Last week we had our usual conversation along the lines of it being time for her nap, how she wasn't tired, naps are boring, and she was not going to sleep at all. At all.

Approximately 10 minutes later...

(She's been obsessed with her sleeping bag recently.)

4. So Scott and I have started something new (and I'll probably blog more about it from time to time). We totally drank the Kool-Aid and ordered the P90X workout system. We did. It sat on our counter for a few weeks while we waited for just the right time to start, or so we said. Well, this was the week. Y'all. It's TUFF. By Wednesday I could hardly move, my entire body was crying, but it was a good kind of cry I guess.

Thursday was Yoga X (I'm learning that the X means extreme, or just the other side of crazy) and Annelise took my picture trying to balance in some whacked out warrior pose.

I will never make fun of yoga again. Never. Sweat was dripping all over various places and parts. I attempted to do all the poses and moves, it was quite a challenge. I wore my shoes for part of it since I have weird wonky feet that need stability. I also wore shorts, which I'll probably not do again. As you are contorting into all of the positions you see your legs in all their glory. Note to self: wear yoga pants in the future. I also realized I really must vacuum.

5. I am officially an old fuddy duddy. Why? Because I'm obsessed with Gold Bond Powder (the extra-strength version has menthol in it and it's cool and tingly). I know. Now that we are almost knee deep (or should I say armpit deep?) in the suffocating, stifling, fry an egg on the sidewalk, two shower days of summer in South Texas, Gold Bond is my friend. Close friend.


  1. I really had no idea about the "benefits" of gold bond powder! I think I might need to pick some up for the sticky, humid NC summer, just around the corner!

  2. Seems lots of people recently started P90x...I've been reading a lot about it on blogs. I actually have it, too. Bought if off Craig's List for $25. Been sitting in my basement on a shelf for at least 6 months. Typical. Good luck! Are you also doing the eating plan? I hear it's a doozie.

  3. Totally laughing about the Gold Bond! My neighbors are doing P90X and one of them said it's so serious it made her throw up. That was enough to scare me away, because she is a runner and in good shape.

  4. I wish we had checked Craig's List first (we always forget about that resource--DUH).

    We aren't following the eating plan yet, but are making healthier choices in general.

    After doing the yoga and stretching out some of the soreness I feel much better. It's definitely a challenging workout system--and I am not strong enough to do everything yet--but I like how you do something different each day so your mind and body won't get bored.

  5. I am watching SYTYCD for the first time this season, and I plan to start writing recaps now that they're down to the top 20. FUN!

  6. Holly....I love your new page!!!! :) It's so cute!!

  7. oooh, I haven't had a migraine in a while (knock on wood) I know what you mean. mine is more related to food, if I go too long w/o eating or eat too badly I get them. good for A for fending for herself. hey, an apple and cheesestick is prob better than cereal!!

    my kids quit napping by 3, but we had quiet time every day til they were pretty big.

    my husband has been wanting to get the P90X. let me know if it's good as his b-day comes up this summer.

    yep, love Gold Bond!

  8. Holly...I started taking a combat kick boxing class...I thought that was a killer till the instructor started talking about P90X and what an extreme workout it was...that was enough to scare me off...if there was something more intense than combat kickboxing I was sure it wasn't for me but the thought of it keeps lurking in the back of my mind! Keep us updated! Cute header!

  9. Holly, I did yoga in grad school, and it kicked my tushie! I'll bet it wasn't anything like this P90X stuff I have heard about. Let me know how it goes. It sounds, um, interesting...

  10. I love your new page! SUPER CUTE....And this workout stuff sounds pretty harsh. Obviously not the beginner level!

  11. I really need to try Yoga one of these days. It fascinates me and intimidates me. I also avoid it because it seems so trendy but at the same time I am very curious.

  12. i love love love sytycd! (i still have last season's finale on my tivo... cannot erase it! once in a wh ile, i actually watch it!) i was disappointed about natalie not making the top 20... very sad!

  13. I love these random lists...

    I haven't gotten into watching So you think you can dance--I'm afraid once I start watching it, I'll become addicted to it and I can't afford anymore addictions right now...(I'm hopelessly hooked on 24 and have been watching all the old seasons...)

    P.S.--I can't dance worth beans, either!

    I need to get on the Gold Bond bandwagon!--PA summers are almost as horrid as Texas's!

  14. I love Five for Friday posts too (both reading and writing them)!

    Migraines are killers, but waking up with one is just too cruel. Relpax takes them away in an hour for me, so that might be something to try.

    I adore So You Think You Can Dance! I came home from my trip and had 6 episodes waiting for me to watch, it was glorious!

    I made Whitney take a nap the other day because she was such a wreck. She fought it until she could see I wasn't negotiating with her, then was asleep within 5 minutes! She then slept for 2.5 hours.

    You and Scott are brave, I am nowhere near committed enough to try P90X. I loved the part where you said you realized you really must vacuum, that's funny.

    I enjoy the tingle of Gold Bond powder, but am not very keen on the scent.


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