Muffin Top Karma

It's 3:00 pm and I just looked in a mirror.

I've been out and about since this morning when I scrambled into bermuda shorts, grabbed a go with everything white t-shirt, flip-flops, tossed make-up into my purse to put on later, herded Annelise to the car, leaving laundry on the sofa, dishes in the sink and a dishwasher ready to be unloaded.

I hate that.

But back to me.*

We were running late this morning (as usual). In my mind I thought, "I've been doing P90X for two weeks now, I bet I can wear my favorite bermuda shorts." They are the perfect length, the perfect drab cocoa, love them and want to have their babies. Last summer, thanks to Weight Watchers and training for a marathon, they were loose. Quite loose. Like I almost felt skinny loose.

So I put them on this morning. With a bit of effort and determination. And have worn them all day.

I must pause here to confess how I cattily commented to Scott about a girl's muffin top roll over on a recent episode of House Hunters, something along the lines of I would never wear...blah, blah, blah...if I had a roll like that...blah, catty, blah.

Like I said, it's 3:00 pm and I finally took a moment to really look in the mirror.

I owe that poor girl on House Hunters a huge apology.

Now I must do my workout.

*Remember in Beaches when CC (Bette Midler says), "But enough about me. Let's talk about you, what do you think of me?" This sums up blogging so well, don'tcha think?


  1. You are so funny! I can totally relate to the muffin top!

  2. oh boy, just another good reason to avoid mirrors ;)

  3. Totally did not notice the muff, but totally feel your pain! WW here I come...again! :)

  4. i love that quote...

    and oh how i relate to this post. even in a non-pregnant state, i felt this all last summer....

    you'll be back to your loose shorts in no time. :)

  5. Laura: Thanks girl!

    RuntoFinish: I know. Why are some mirrors more flattering than others? And some are EVIL?

    Kim: Thanks, but I know you are to sweet to say anything anyway. :) Oh WW...I have a love hate relationship with you.

    Jen: That quote always pops into my head--it fits so many situations. I hope they'll fit better soon!

  6. Oh and I forgot to mention the view from the back. Yuck.

  7. you make me laugh, girl! BTW, I thought you looked b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l.....

    See you later!

  8. Yes, that sums up blogging for me too! LOL

  9. You always are so stylish!..Please, about the muffin top!

    See ys soon! Lacie

  10. I am sooooo sporting a muffin top!

    I say this as I'm stuffing my mouth full of good-n-plentys! I'm hopeless!

    That Bette Midler quote is so funny...I can relate to it as well... :)

  11. I remember that line from Beaches and think it's so funny. Blogging can definitely be like that, but in a good way most of the time.

    This was a great post, but where's the photo of you in the bermudas? Ha.

  12. There is no photographic evidence of my sporting the bermuda muffin top, thank goodness. :) The image may be burned into my brain though...


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