Oops...I Glued It Again

One afternoon last week I was struck with the urge to create something and at the same time spruce up our foyer windows. A couple of years ago I bought two decorative iron thingies (technical decorating term used only in exclusive circles) to hang above each window. They made me happy. For a while. Then I discovered The Nester.

My decorating life was forever changed.

I soon tried making my own mistreatments. Twice. I suddenly wanted to cover the whole world with fabric, fringe and glue, making it a prettier, cozier place. Then my craft ADHD kicked in and I put my trusty glue gun aside for a while in pursuit of something else (though I don't remember what exactly).

Anyway, back to last week. I asked Scott to measure the height of the foyer windows from the top to the floor and Annelise and I headed out for my happy place, Hobby Lobby. I had burlap on the brain, and it was soon in my cart, along with some poofy black silk and black fringe.

A couple of hours later we found ourselves back at Hobby Lobby since my sweet hubs didn't hear the part about measuring all the way to the floor. My cheap burlap mistreatments were gradually getting more expensive as I picked out additional fabric to fill in the gaps.

I did not want to take down the iron thingies since I still liked them. Normally I would have raised the fabric higher than the window because not only does it make your window appear larger, The Nester tells us to. Leaving the iron thingies as some sort of extreme topper, I decided to try The Nester's Nail Your Clips Right on the Wall Approach.

After 2 or three glue sticks, one blister, another trip to HL for more clip rings, a coffee break here and there, a Star Wars marathon for Annelise, clipping and much folding, fluffing and floofing I was finished. Well, there may have been additional floofing and fluffing. Cue the drum roll please...here is the window on the left.

And because I don't want the one on the right to feel left out, here it is too.

Here is a closer look at the patterned section.

Because I just don't know when to stop, I've got one more view for you. Are you still here?

There you have it. Or them. My latest fun with glue in all it's glory.

My Stuart Smalley needy side is of course wondering what y'all think. So, please...do tell.


  1. oh, my!

    i <3 nestor.

    but i think i <3 you and your foyer just a bit more ;).


  2. That mistreatment is SO cute! And what a GORGEOUS entryway.

  3. i love your iron thingies! and it was quite kind of you to give equal time to each left and right... but i am most thankful that you included the last photo- it is breathtaking! really. i would love to walk down your stairs every day and see this view... all dressed up in burlap and fringe- relaly beautiful!

  4. I am loving it! What fun. I, too, love nothing more than a good glue day. With a little of this and that thrown in. It's such therapy. I must go visit this website you speak of. I think maybe I may have before but I am going to check. I LOVE LOVE your window treatments. Your house is always just beautiful.

  5. Love, Love, LOVE the new additions. You are a genius.

  6. Holly!! Those are SUPER cute! I love them. Can you come over to my house?? :) You are so crafty, girl!

  7. WOW! Do you and your hot glue gun want to come to my house????? LOVE them!

  8. Absolutely beautiful. I have a horrendously high ceiling and a window I can't even reach. Wanna come to Idaho and help me out? LOL!!

  9. I love them! I seriously must get a glue gun.

  10. your home is BEAUTIFUL holly- seriously gorgeous (sorry- that word is getting thrown around at our house a lot lately--- i mean it, though!).

    you have a talent. i wish you were closer so you could help me figure my own house out!!!

    i love that title, btw- it cracks me up.

    you are SO good enough, smart enough, and dog gone it- people LIKE you AND your glue gun. :)

  11. Lelly's comment has me totally confused but I do like your work!

  12. Thanks everyone for your kind words!

    I wonder what I should hot glue next...

  13. I am in AWE! I love the fabric and how you put everything together. Plus, of course, I loved the details for the blog post. Your entry way looks beautiful!

  14. I think you've got some serious skills! Every time you post one of your window mistreatments I am amazed. Your home is gorgeous and homey, I'd love a video tour or a real life tour some time.


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