My New Manifesto & an Epiphany {of sorts}

Boy, is that a clunky title or what? Wait! Don't answer that. I hoped the {of sorts} might lighten the load a bit, but probably not. Moving right along...

Every few days I say to myself, "Self, you need to work on your scrapbooks." Usually with one or more of the following results:

1) I walk into my craft room, scream in terror at the mounds of junk everywhere, turn tail and RUN. Or,

2) Start fiddling with a set of pictures, get sorta together and a little bit started (yet not in the groove), then get distracted. Leave. Pile junk on top of barely begun project.

3) Repeat options 1 and 2.

With my more fully developed blogging habits these last couple of years my scrapbooking habits went to the back burner. I think they are almost burnt. And stinky.

That hurts my heart.

Then I forget about it for a while until I see Annelise sit down and peruse our family albums. She soaks them up! That nudges me back toward my craft room and my Cropper Hopper.

The other day I tried to shake off the guilt, clean off a small work space at my table and uncover the project I started well over a few months ago. An 8x8 album of our trip to Maine. In 2007. I know. I gathered the pictures, put them in order, started cropping, choosing papers, etc. Before too long I found my long lost scrapbooking groove.

Welcome back honey, I've missed you.

As I was journaling I got a little stumped trying to remember details, so I went to my blog. This cracked me up and also struck me as slightly absurd. Hello, I've blogged about our trip, posted pictures, then even published my blog last year as a Blurb book,--why am I cutting papers, cropping pictures and getting ink and adhesive all over my fingers over something that has been pretty much covered? Cue dead horse beating any minute now.

Well, for posterity. A tangible posterity. (Even though I have a blog book too?!!?) Well...yeah.

I also plan to scrapbook our DC trip, my Savannah trip with my girlfriends, maybe Disney, along with normal life events. Even though the thought of all my pictures whispering to me from the depths of my Cropper Hopper and those trapped in my computer makes me hyperventilate, I don't want to let scrapbooking go. I don't. I won't.

Therefore I bring you my new scrapbooking manifesto:

I will give myself permission to march to my own scrapbooking drummer. I will not succumb to guilt. I will accept that getting pictures into an album with minimum frou frou is more important than complicated layouts with lots of the latest embellishments (not that I have anything against bling and pizzazz, hello, I'm a Texan and a girl). Telling the story through pictures and journaling is the most important part of this hobby, I will remember that. I will scrapbook what makes me happy. I will accept that I can not scrapbook everything. I will let go of perfection. I will try to give myself freedom to scrapbook out of chronological order. That one is a doozie.

Maybe I should print that out and put it next to my craft table. Well...it might get lost. Rats.

I had an epiphany of sorts as I was searching my blog to review my Maine vacation & race report posts. Well, actually two of them. It was refreshing to read back over my thoughts (narcissistic much?) and your comments. It warmed my heart to see many of you who comment now were commenting in 2007. Wow. Thank you for that. Blogging truly is about relationships and I appreciate you taking the time not only to read my rambly ambly blog, but also leave a comment when you can. Thanks for sticking with me and my blog. I know that blogging takes time, both on the posting side and on the reading/commenting side. I also know that blogging, like most things in life, ebbs and flows. I don't expect comments, but I do sincerely appreciate them. So, again, thank you, my friends. My other epiphany was more of a ,"Hmmm...I wonder if I was a better blogger back in 2007. Has my voice changed? Do I still bring some funny? Am I reflecting the realest (my word) slice of my life and well, the realest me?" I don't know. I hope so.

How do you reconcile blogging and scrapbooking, or do you? What is your creative manifesto? Is it possible to scrapbook out of chronological order? Really? Any blogging epiphanies lately? (Epiphany is just so fun to say and to type, who knew?)


SA Mini-Vacay: Day 2

After a full day at Sea World the day before, it was wonderful to have a No-Real-Plan-Day on Saturday. We slept late (Can I please get an amen for heavy hotel curtains? I big, fat, puffy heart LOVE them), took our time getting ready then drove into downtown San Antonio.

We went to the Market area first. It was so festive and relaxed. Oh, and hot.

After pausing for a quick self-portrait we nudged our way into the crowds around...

for a yummy Tex-Mex lunch. We sat on the patio, which was made more bearable by misting fans, so we could listen to music and of course, people watch (one of my favorite pastimes). I was shocked by the amount of denim I saw people wearing (this was also true at Sea World--can you imagine soaked, sweaty denim?!?!). It's July folks, in Texas, put the denim away for a while.

After lunch we bought a few treats from the bakery and headed closer to the Alamo (in the comfort of our A/C car of course).

Being a native Texan and a former 4th grade teacher that fully embraced teaching Texas History, I figured it's never too early to plant a few historical seeds with Annelise. I told her a little bit about the Texas Revolution, the evilness that was General Santa Anna and the glory of William B. Travis and the soldiers at the Alamo.

Not that I'm biased or anything.

Then we watched the IMAX movie, Alamo: The Price of Freedom. She paid attention through the whole thing and asked questions here and there. It warmed my heart.

Of course the best part of any historical field trip is the gift shop. Here she is as Davy Crockett, ready to stop the Mexican army. Victory or death! (She cracked me up by quoting William B. Travis, "...if I die, I die with blood on my sword!")

After seeing the IMAX movie we wandered over to see the actual Alamo. It never ceases to shock me when I see this piece of history surrounded by so much modernization, commercialization and urban sprawl. William B. Travis is turning in his grave (well, he would be if he had one I'm sure).

It was, of course, a busy place, with never ending scores of people queuing up to venture inside. Notice the denim? I was not kidding. I was worried they were going to have a heatstroke.

We paused for a family picture.

Then took the cooler approach to visiting The Alamo*.

Snowcones in the shade. Perfect.

We briefly considered going down to the river, but it was scorching hot with little breeze so we opted to go back to the hotel. I know, we're cowards.

After a little down time (there may have even been napping) we headed out for a round of miniature golf.

I was hoping it would be one of those cutesy golf places with charming windmills and interesting putting challenges. It wasn't, but it was still fun.

We managed to fit in supper and another round of fun at the hotel pool before calling it a night.

It might seem like we didn't do a whole lot, that's probably true. I'm a fan of a light itinerary, it helps keep the insanity (which is always bubbling close to the surface) at bay. We were surprised to learn our Sea World passes were actually good for two days, even days later in the season. Score! We briefly considered returning on Saturday to do the Lost Lagoon area and hit anything we missed, but then got a hold of our senses and let that urge pass. I actually shouted, "Praise the Lord we are NOT going to Sea World today!" as we drove by the traffic jam of over a mile of cars waiting to get into the park on our way into downtown. Shiver.

I saw enough inappropriate attire, way too many boomzooms, bellies and bottoms to last me quite a while. And we didn't step a toe into the Lost Lagoon water park. Shudder.

We plan to go back to San Antonio and use our Sea World pass (maybe even check out Fiesta Texas) when cooler temperatures and more clothing prevail. I know that's like saying, "When pigs fly!" since this is Texas after all, but at least over the Thanksgiving holidays the temperatures might be more bearable.

*We did eventually brave the line and went into the Alamo. Once we were inside and saw the line of people snaking around the inside at a standstill, we decided to remember the Alamo at a later date.


SA Mini-Vacay: Day 1

We somehow managed to let summer almost slip by without taking a little vacay. I know! Since we took two big trips last fall, we knew we couldn't do anything BIG, yet we wanted to do something. Once again, San Antonio came to the rescue. It makes a great weekend trip since it's only about 4 hours away. Or longer if you stop to eat lunch. And take potty breaks.

Anyway. We finally arrived Thursday evening at our hotel. I had to snap this picture of Annelise because 1) she was so serious about managing her stuff, wheeling her own suitcase, carrying her Hannah Montana purse and her stuffed animals, and 2) seeing her do this was a punch in my stomach because it means she's growing up. Sniff-sniff.

Thursday evening was spent relaxing around the hotel which was very family oriented and family friendly, which was nice. There were three pools (two kiddie, one adult), a large patio area with fire pits and movie nights. After swimming herself silly, Annelise loved roasting marshmallows in order to make...

you guessed it...S'mores. YUM-ola!

Friday morning we got ourselves together for our day at Sea World. I had to pause to snap a self-portrait before leaving to document my outfit for the day. Notice Scott waiting patiently in the background. He's good that way. Well, he may have been grinding his teeth just a bit.

I found a simple sundress at Kohl's that ended up being perfect. It had a cross-over neckline and wider straps, yet no waist band so it was cool and comfy.

This is how I wore my hair almost the whole weekend, even though it shows off my skunk stripe of gray (note to self: make hair appt. soon), it kept my hair out of my face.

Here's the bottom half of the dress. Don't ask me why I couldn't get one shot all together, just remember Scott's teeth grinding. And change jingling.

We stopped at IHOP to fortify ourselves for what lay ahead. Ahhhh...coffee.

The hotel also ran a shuttle service to and from Sea World which was so convenient. Being dropped off at the gate totally rocked. Once we arrived we planned our course of attack, keeping our priorities on shade and water.

I know this post is supposed to be about Sea World, and it is, or it will be. Soon. First I have to introduce my newest faithful companion (besides the Fam.), I'll call her Vera. She's a hipster and I love her.

After riding the Shamu coaster I paused for a self-portrait with my trademark bird.

Annelise thought the Shamu ride was just okay, remember she's a thrill junkie after all. Her coasters have to be fast and have lots of twists, turns and drops. Her height though proved to be a limitation to her thrill seeking. Pity.

We made our way to see the dolphins, but were too early to feed them. Pity.
Annelise REALLY wanted to pet one, yet they were not interested since we had no fish. Pity.

This was the first instance of Annelise taking everything personally and the drama began, escalating gradually as the temperatures rose.

After playing around Shamu's Happy Harbor (really not that happy in the sweltering temps), we made our way to the water ride Journey to Atlantis.

The boat takes a stomach twirling downward nosedive...

creating a ginormous, yet quite refreshing, wall of water...

which Annelise highly enjoyed. Me too. Then we rode the actual ride after an 1.5 hour wait. We sat in the back of the boat and somehow I was the one to get completely soaked. Annelise took this personally as well, declaring that the ride wasn't fair at all since she only received minimal splashing. A quick trip over to the soaking wall restored her spirits considerably, thank goodness.

Then it was time to visit Shamu and friends at the Believe show.

Absolutely .amazing .animals. That is all.

Once again, our sweet daughter displayed her misguided ideas about the universe orbiting around her when she did not get splashed by Shamu (yet, I did) nor chosen to go on stage. Oh the unfairness of it all. The anger. The pouty face. The tears. The wails of Shamu not liking her. I must confess that Scott and I couldn't restrain ourselves any longer and laughed at the utter ridiculousness of her fit. Which went over really well with her.

Then we went to lunch. That helped.

For a little while. After waiting over an hour to ride Rio Loco, listening to repeated warnings of the serious soaking factor of this ride broadcast through the loudspeakers, Annelise was primed for her turn at getting soaked.

How did the raft turn as we approached the waterfall you ask?

On me.

Cue more drama.

Thankfully a fruity drink and the hilarious sea lion show improved her mood.

As it was getting late in the day, the park was even more crowded, the bigger coasters had ridiculous lines so Scott and I gave up on the idea of taking turns riding them (since A. wasn't big enough) and decided it was time to call this game.
We did buy her a small Shamu on our way out.
She forgave him for the earlier diss.

Now they are the bestest friends.
More on our little vacay coming soon...stay tuned, my friends, stay tuned. Or maybe at least awake?


Operation Skirt: Year Two, Part Two {or that's a wrap}

This year's Operation Skirt project (did you catch Part One?...if not, go on and read it now, I'll wait) got into full swing by mid-week. Each day I looked forward to choosing my skirt, shaving my legs and twirling the day away. I finished out the week feeling flirty and feminine, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday's choice was a white cotton eyelet. Simple. Summer-y. Classic.

Wednesday was also the day my feet were treated to a much needed pedicure. I am not blessed with pretty, dainty feet. They are big, they are gnarly and they are crooked. They need all the help they can get.

Thursday dawned to find me wearing my favorite running skirt. Good times.

Followed, after my shower of course, by a casual grey knit skirt I stumbled upon in the TarJay clearance aisle for $4.24. SCORE! I wore a plum colored Daisy Fuentes' favorite T. Did I mention that I L-O-V-E them? Since the skirt hem curls up a bit, I was really tempted to cut the neck out of a sweatshirt and go all Jennifer Beals. Okay, then again, maybe not.

I was reminded by this year's Op Skirt that it doesn't take that much more effort to slip into a skirt than it does shorts or capris and the results are usually more flattering. I was also reminded that skirts are truly cooler to wear in the sweltering days of an unforgiving Texas summer. Better ventilation I suppose. As always, baby powder (or Gold Bond powder) is your bestest friend. That and a pants slip or split slip. My cutesy wootsey, well-heeled friend Lacie told me about them and I am now a convert. It helps with any thigh rubbing issues (gasp), helps your skirt hang better and provides coverage in case a gust of wind causes a surprise Marilyn Moment. Ahem.

Guess what? I even continued Op Skirt on our little vacay. That's right, I only packed skirts (well, tops too of course) for our trip. I know! Operation Skirt apparently lives on. Wanna join in?

Thanks for your Sea World attire suggestions, I took them to heart. Or to skirt. I'll be back soon with a little vacay recap and pics. Can you handle the anticipation? Can you?


Operation Skirt: Year Two, Part One

It's that time of year again my friends, when I wear casual summer-y skirts for a week just for twirly kicks. Last year it was fun, so I thought, "Why not?" and decided to do it again. Annelise has VBS at her school this week so it's the perfect excuse to shower and get myself somewhat together for the day. Why don't I get myself together every day, you might wonder, well...I don't know. It's a struggle.

Yesterday I wore a yellow cotton skirt with a black T (I must pause to tell you how much in love I am with the Daisy Fuentes' favorite t-shirts from Kohl's. It's scandalous.) and black flips. Call it my Ode to a Bumblebee Look.

Today I'm sporting this rather loud flower print with a brown T (sadly, NOT Daisy Fuentes) and brown flips.

I can't show you my toes because a pedicure is on the agenda for tomorrow, right now they are quite frightening.

I'll post Part Two of Op Skirt soonish, you know, after I actually wear them.

I haven't done a whole lot of anything productive for the three hours A. is learning about Paul and Rome and the Underground church yesterday and today, but I suppose that is my prerogative. (Who sang that song by the way? Can't think and not inspired to Google right now.) This morning I popped into Academy to get A.'s little uniform clothes for school. I don't know what has come over me, but I feel this strong urge to get everything together and off to the monogram shop really soon. I guess for once in my life I want to do something ahead of time. Strange.

Now I must interrupt this ramble for a VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION OF THE FASHION NATURE.

Are you ready?

M'kay. We are leaving Thursday afternoon for San Antonio and a date with Shamu at Sea World on Friday. Yep, we will be entering one of the realms of Hades, at least temperature wise, in the name of family entertainment and memories. My question is this: what on earth do I wear to look somewhat cute, be comfy, and so that I don't melt completely in a puddle of sweat?

Do I wear a skirt and T or modest tank for the ventilation factor? A summer-y dress? Do I wear shorts? I'm stumped. (BTW, we are so not doing the water park at Sea World thankyouverymuch.)

I do know I am not mentally prepared for the visual assault of all the inappropriate flesh that I'm sure others will be baring. I don't want to be one of those people, yet I want to follow the Three Cs (Cute, Cool & Comfy).


Thank you.


Summary of Strangeness

The strangest things have happened this weekend. Not like Ripley's Believe it or Not or anything, but still...

For instance:

Annelise rode her scooter over to my dad and Peggy's house Thursday afternoon and didn't come home for three days. I know! Peggy's grandson, Cole, who is just a little bit older than Annelise was also visiting and they just had a grand ol' time swimming, playing, watching movies and just hanging out. She didn't want to come home. We just sent clothes as needed. Cole left today, so she was finally ready to venture home, after her mani & pedi from Grandma, of course.

I did two P90X workouts in one day (yesterday). I don't recommend that, but I was trying to catch up after getting off track due to VBS this week.

Scott and I went to dinner Friday night at a local Italian place so I could eat some pasta since I was going to run Saturday morning.

We (he) rented two movies from Blockbuster. Boy, do we live it up or what?

I laid out my running stuff and went to bed early since my alarm was set at the frightening time of 4:30 so I could get up and out the door to meet my running group at 5:30.

When my alarm went off I told myself I'd just lie there for a minute.


Needless to say there was no running happening for me this morning. My vegetable lasagna just went straight to my hips.

Scott watched a silly vampire movie set in Alaska ( 30 Days of Night, didja see that, didja?), I saw pieces and wasn't impressed.

I watched the first Transformers so that I could decide if I would eventually accompany Scott to see #2. I actually liked it. I know. I liked Bumblebee and Optimus Prime--go Autobots go!! So maybe I'll tag along.

I vacuumed.

It rained.

We went on a family date this evening to see UP. Have you seen it? If not, go soon because it is a must see. Highly entertaining with a sweet message. We gave it 6 thumbs up, way up!

We took a self portrait before we left the theater. Please ignore Annelise's green lips, that is due to the Sour Apple Fun Dip I smuggled into the theater in my purse.

After the movie we had the following conversation:

Me: "Let's go get ice cream at Marble Slab."

Family in agreement.

On our way I mention first eating something small, like soup or splitting a sandwich at McAllister's Deli right next door. Family loudly protests, they want ice cream.

So I say, "Okay, are we having ice cream for dinner?"

Family says yes, yes, YES the next three times I ask just to make sure.

Approximately 30 seconds after her order is placed (chocolate ice cream with M&Ms) our little drama queen wants to change her vote. About three bites into her treat she bursts into tears declaring she wants to eat soup. What? There is no appeasing her as her ice cream melts and she enters the Ugly Cry Zone. People begin to stare because this is after all Marble Slab, a happy place filled with delicious goodness. There should be no crying over ice cream. Ever. We slunk out as quickly as we could with our wailing child that didn't want to eat ice cream for dinner. Whatever.

It's raining again. For some reason I'm singing Eddie Rabbit in my head. Can you name that tune?

There you have it, our uneventful weekend in one long ramble and a few run on sentences. Are you still awake?

Have you seen any of these movies? Would you cry over ice cream for dinner? Do you consider vacuuming an accomplishment as well?


Could Someone Please Help Me Pick My Jaw Up From the Floor?

Because I'm sure I was about to catch some flies.

My daughter, you know the lively almost 6 year old, is T double O much. And then some.

Latest scenario: This afternoon, at the end of VBS, while various and sundry children were playing in the fellowship hall, she was overheard telling another little girl, "Hey so &so, let's go in the tent (VBS had a camping theme) and kiss a boy!"


Once I recovered my senses and swallowed my embarrassment (another mom was the one telling me about it), I took her off to the side and had a very firm conversation with her about the inappropriateness of tent kissing and basically all indiscriminate kissing in general because after all, she is 5 3/4, not 15 or 25. Then there were tears, many tears and promises that she understood and was sorry.

This year, in PRE-K4 of all places, Annelise received a kiss on the cheek from a boy in her class. And thus it began. I know, that in itself is not a big fat hairy deal, especially since he was six and had no facial hair. However, there was much teasing and talking about boyfriends/girlfriends and I think he stole a few more cheek kisses throughout the year as well.


Anyway. Annelise likes to talk about it and I try to downplay it as much as possible, remind her that he is her friend, she is MUCH too young for kisses, etc.

So, my question to you, my dear bloggy friends is this, how do I handle this? Am I overreacting? Am I underreacting? Can I keep her locked in her room until she's 25?


It's the Only Way to Travel

It's much faster than taking the stairs.

It makes really loud rumbly-thuddy noises as your feet hit the spindles and squeaky noises as your hands slide on the banister. Cool.

You feel like you are flying. Awesome.

You get to scare your parents in one fell swoop. Or slide. Priceless.


Type A Tomato

Several over achieving tomato plants (from our little garden--and I use that term very loosely-- and from my Dad and Peggy's real garden) have produced an over-abundance of delicious tomato goodness we have been reveling in for the last few weeks.

Annelise loves to grab a handful of the cherry tomatoes, wash them off and gobble them up like candy. A much healthier candy. We've been eating them with everything, but nothing beats this way...

The classic summer sandwich: the BLT.

Is there anything better? I think not.


Seven on Saturday {The Sweaty Edition}

I reached a milestone this morning, folks. Actually two.

First, I got up out of bed when my alarm went off at 4:30.

Let's just take a moment and reflect on THAT.

Second, I met up with my running group and ran...wait for it...SEVEN MILES!!

For me, especially lately (okay, um...since January), this is my longest distance. It's like I've finally broken through this wall of hovering around 4 or 5 miles and am ready to start building up the mileage again. And I'm excited about it.

Several things were in my favor this morning: it was slightly overcast, we started before the birds were up at 5:30, there was a suggestion of a breeze occasionally, I had some new tunes on my iPod, my legs and core felt a little stronger from all the P90X (WooHoo), and I really liked my new Nike tank from TJ Maxx ($12.00--regularly $34.00, can I get an amen?).

That's not to say it was easy breezy Cover Girl. It was terribly humid and the sweat poured profusely (I even took advantage of random sprinklers), but all in all it was a good, solid run.

So...now I need to hunker down and decide which events to do this fall and early spring. I want to do at least one full marathon and then a few half marathons here and there just for fun, but I can't decide which ones. This year we are cutting back on big travel, so I need to find races that we can drive to if possible. For the marathon I've learned I need the mental distraction of big crowds and sights to distract me from what my body is doing, so this means bigger races where lots of folks are doing the full with me. I'm tentatively thinking about the Dallas White Rock Marathon in December and possibly the Rock and Roll San Antonio Half in November and the Texas Marathon (half) on New Year's Day. I don't know. I can't decide. I DO know I need to commit to something and register so I'll have $$ on the line to keep me running.

Any suggestions?


How to Handle Lousy Customer Service

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Or your own guitar. Enjoy!

You can read the story behind the video HERE.

Thanks Annie for tweeting about this. I had never heard of Sons of Maxwell or Dave Carroll, now I'm hooked on their fun, folksy music.


Rambling My Way Out of BFD {Bloggy Funk Denial}

I hate to think I'm in a bloggy funk. I don't think I am. Even though I haven't posted in almost a week and today I stared at the blinking cursor for several minutes before I started typing, surely that doesn't mean I'm in a bloggy funk, right?

I don't even know what the point of this post will be, but no, I'm not in a bloggy funk. No sir. UH-uh.

Right now our summer is drifting merrily along, one day blending into the next. A little bit of this and that, nothing really standing out. Swimming. Playing. Reading*. Movie watching**. Exercising***. Getting ready for VBS next week.

You know, the usual summer stuff, just not necessarily blog worthy stuff. But, hey, no bloggy funk happening here. Nope.

Obviously I have a case of bloggy funk denial. Is there a Px for that?

Since nothing else is really happening I thought I'd talk more about my asterisks from above. (Isn't that a funny little word? Asterisk.)

*Reading: I've a had stronger case of bibliophilia lately and have been gleefully working my way through my current stack of books. Now that Annelise can swim on her own it's like a whole new world has opened up for me. She can swim and I can lounge around reading. It's a huge win-win.
Here are a few I've recently enjoyed: Prep by Curtis Settinfield, Skeletons at the Feast by Chris Bohjalian (WWII Holocaust drama), Auntie Mame by Patrick Dennis (what a HOOT) and Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin (this is book one in a three book series, yet they seem to stand alone. I'm enjoying the second one, Fire by Night now.) I also read A Passage to India by E.M. Forster, but I'm not sure what I think of it. I mean, it was good, but I'm not sure I really got his overall message.

**Movie Watching: I recently went on a bit of an India kick and watched A Passage to India and Gandhi (I remember watching this in a high school history class, yet recalled virtually nothing. Typical. I LOVED it as an adult.) Scott and I watched a PPV movie, Defiance with Daniel Craig. We both really liked it. It was about three brothers that organized a camp in the Russian forests for Jewish refugees during WWII. Some rough parts, but overall very, very good. Annelise and I watched Kit Kitteridge: An American Girl. I thought it was quite good, Annelise liked it too. I also finally broke down and watched Twilight. Yes, I did. I tried to suspend disbelief and think like a teenager. It was okay. I'm not sure Robert Pattinson is the Edward I had in mind. I kept staring at his hair. He didn't exude the charisma and simmering strength I imagined Edward would have. Then there were the effects. A little cheesy. And Bella still annoyed me. I did like the music, if that counts. So, it was an EH with a shoulder shrug.

***Exercising: Getting a little more running in (WooHoo) while trying not to dissolve completely in a puddle of sweat. Working on Phase 2 of P90X. Two new workouts, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps and Back & Biceps are added in this phase. What can I say? I'm a little bit stronger, have a little bit more endurance. I still modify most of the push ups and all of the pull ups. Oh...and I totally collapsed on my first one arm push up. Guess what though? Ab Ripper X is much more do-able (WooHoo) and almost enjoyable. Almost. So...um, yeah, there is progress slowly happening.

Are you in bloggy funk denial too? What are you reading this summer? Have you seen any of those movies?


Swallowing a Bit Of Running Pride

Taking into account that I have not been the faithful runner in reality as much as I think I have been and the fact that it's like 500 degrees outside, I decided to adjust my running intervals.

You know, in order to survive.

One of the beauties of running is that there is a place for everyone, for every ability. It is not exclusionary. Really, it's not. There are runners that hardly ever take walk breaks, there are runners that take a walk break every mile or so and there are runners that take scheduled walk breaks based on an interval that suits them. Another beauty of running is that you are free to do whatever gets you through the next mile and the next and gets you across the finish line. No one looks at you funny or thinks any less of you for taking a walk break. It's all good.

I typically follow an interval of 5 minutes running followed by 1 minute of walking using either my Garmin or my Timex watch. In cooler weather I am sometimes able to run for longer intervals. One of my goals is to one day run without using intervals. Someday. Maybe. Until then, using intervals works for me. I train that way and I follow the same system for a race. The idea is that taking regular walk breaks helps you conserve energy for long runs, keeping fuel in your tank to let you finish strong. Check out Jeff Galloway's site for more information about training with intervals, he is the man behind the RUN-WALK-RUN method. If you are just starting your running addiction, try a short run interval at first, say 1 or 2 minutes of running followed by 1 or 2 minutes of walking, then gradually increasing your run:walk ratio as you get stronger. It's all good.

Today I swallowed my running pride and changed my intervals to 3:1 and finished 4 miles. It's all good.
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