Could Someone Please Help Me Pick My Jaw Up From the Floor?

Because I'm sure I was about to catch some flies.

My daughter, you know the lively almost 6 year old, is T double O much. And then some.

Latest scenario: This afternoon, at the end of VBS, while various and sundry children were playing in the fellowship hall, she was overheard telling another little girl, "Hey so &so, let's go in the tent (VBS had a camping theme) and kiss a boy!"


Once I recovered my senses and swallowed my embarrassment (another mom was the one telling me about it), I took her off to the side and had a very firm conversation with her about the inappropriateness of tent kissing and basically all indiscriminate kissing in general because after all, she is 5 3/4, not 15 or 25. Then there were tears, many tears and promises that she understood and was sorry.

This year, in PRE-K4 of all places, Annelise received a kiss on the cheek from a boy in her class. And thus it began. I know, that in itself is not a big fat hairy deal, especially since he was six and had no facial hair. However, there was much teasing and talking about boyfriends/girlfriends and I think he stole a few more cheek kisses throughout the year as well.


Anyway. Annelise likes to talk about it and I try to downplay it as much as possible, remind her that he is her friend, she is MUCH too young for kisses, etc.

So, my question to you, my dear bloggy friends is this, how do I handle this? Am I overreacting? Am I underreacting? Can I keep her locked in her room until she's 25?


  1. I think you're handling it beautifully, especially by downplaying it. Kids seem to do things more often if they know it gets a rise out of mom. Believe me, I'm speaking from experience!

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  4. Holly, my youngest was at one time talking about her "boyfriend" and that's all she would talk about~I finally told her I didn't want to hear her talking about that anymore~that she was a little girl and little girls didn't have boyfriends! LOL I too had to pick my jaw up off the floor~No, you are not over reacting! You are a good mom!

  5. Thanks Linda! I think she has figured out that talking about kisses gets LOTS of attention, so I'm sure that a good part of it is to see other's reactions, along with ours. Grrr...

  6. Thanks Autummn for your comment. It just makes my stomach twirl when she says Z. is her boyfriend and he kissed her. Yuck!

    I think I'm also regretting letting her get caught up on High School Musical because that and I guess all of the princess movies have kisses--I just didn't think she'd get so obsessed at almost 6!

  7. And...those deleted comments are some sort of Chinese spam. They were links and I was worried someone might get a virus or be taken to some unsavory site if they clicked on them. Enough with that!

  8. whenever I am in this kind of dilema.. & ya it has happened- I just make fun of the situation & they get a little embarrassed.

    Maybe it is the wrong way to go-- but it works.

    Especially when I found a note in the now missionary's pocket (while doing the laundry) from a girl who "wanted to kiss him because he was so sexy" (I nearly died he was 13, & maybe weighed 100lbs. dripping wet, didn't even have pit hair for heaven's sake!!)
    I taped it wide open to the microwave & we all laughed our heads off- until he got home... and he was mortified...
    Ya- maybe this wasn't the best idea- but he knew that mom was going to make fun of it & never wanted that kind of attention from a girl (that I know of) again.
    we still laugh about it.

    he doesn't know how it really scared me to death....
    and now that he is nearly coming home- that SAME GIRL (who dissapeared the first 1 1/2 years)is writing him every week- maybe she will be my daughter in law?? eeeeeeek!!

  9. wow..well I don't have kids so I don't know the answer...but really I wasn't kissing boys at that age!! Of course if they had started it then I might have...hmm

  10. I think you handled it VERY well! :)

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  12. I would have been freaked out about this too and handled it similarly to you. I wouldn't want to make a big deal about it, but wouldn't just ignore it either. I don't like it when little kids tease and talk about boyfriends or girlfriends, that shouldn't even be on their radar right now.

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