Operation Skirt: Year Two, Part Two {or that's a wrap}

This year's Operation Skirt project (did you catch Part One?...if not, go on and read it now, I'll wait) got into full swing by mid-week. Each day I looked forward to choosing my skirt, shaving my legs and twirling the day away. I finished out the week feeling flirty and feminine, which is always a good thing.

Wednesday's choice was a white cotton eyelet. Simple. Summer-y. Classic.

Wednesday was also the day my feet were treated to a much needed pedicure. I am not blessed with pretty, dainty feet. They are big, they are gnarly and they are crooked. They need all the help they can get.

Thursday dawned to find me wearing my favorite running skirt. Good times.

Followed, after my shower of course, by a casual grey knit skirt I stumbled upon in the TarJay clearance aisle for $4.24. SCORE! I wore a plum colored Daisy Fuentes' favorite T. Did I mention that I L-O-V-E them? Since the skirt hem curls up a bit, I was really tempted to cut the neck out of a sweatshirt and go all Jennifer Beals. Okay, then again, maybe not.

I was reminded by this year's Op Skirt that it doesn't take that much more effort to slip into a skirt than it does shorts or capris and the results are usually more flattering. I was also reminded that skirts are truly cooler to wear in the sweltering days of an unforgiving Texas summer. Better ventilation I suppose. As always, baby powder (or Gold Bond powder) is your bestest friend. That and a pants slip or split slip. My cutesy wootsey, well-heeled friend Lacie told me about them and I am now a convert. It helps with any thigh rubbing issues (gasp), helps your skirt hang better and provides coverage in case a gust of wind causes a surprise Marilyn Moment. Ahem.

Guess what? I even continued Op Skirt on our little vacay. That's right, I only packed skirts (well, tops too of course) for our trip. I know! Operation Skirt apparently lives on. Wanna join in?

Thanks for your Sea World attire suggestions, I took them to heart. Or to skirt. I'll be back soon with a little vacay recap and pics. Can you handle the anticipation? Can you?


  1. I would like your awesome calves please! I love that you're doing Operation Skirt, they look great! I'm also participating in Operation Skirt, because they're so feminine, but also out of necessity. I've gained a bunch of my weight in my tummy only, so really skirts are the only option right now. Good thing they're so cute! Thanks for the baby powder tip. I'll make sure to stock up before I move down there. (T minus two weeks, can you believe it?!)

  2. see... i need to get me a pants slip. then maybe i would return to my love of skirts :)

  3. I think I need to join in but I need to buy some new skirts! I'll have to be on the look out~these would be perfect for back to school!

  4. I love Op Skirt! My summer favorite too....but I am new to the pants slip/ split slip...I need to check these out!

  5. I am all about skirts and dresses in hot weather. (And thank goodness for modern day girdles, that's all I'm saying). I also recently bought a Jockey brand full slip in the lyra type material and it's GREAT to wear under sundresses.


  6. Skirts are my best friend for the summer so I really should look into adding more to my collection. I have a couple of standbys that get worn way too often.

    I've got pedicure envy right now! I haven't gone since May and am in desperate need!

  7. Cute skirts. I want a running skirt. What is a pants slip or split slip? I'm not very educated in the ways of the slip, obviously.

  8. Nicole: I am a big fan of running skirts and have been very pleased with the SkirtSports brand. I know they are a bit pricey (though you can catch sales) but they are worth it. I wear GymGirl which has a pair of lycra shorties underneath. They stay put pretty well too.

    A pants/split slip is like a regular slip but it has a seam down the middle so it fits like loose shorts.


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