SA Mini-Vacay: Day 1

We somehow managed to let summer almost slip by without taking a little vacay. I know! Since we took two big trips last fall, we knew we couldn't do anything BIG, yet we wanted to do something. Once again, San Antonio came to the rescue. It makes a great weekend trip since it's only about 4 hours away. Or longer if you stop to eat lunch. And take potty breaks.

Anyway. We finally arrived Thursday evening at our hotel. I had to snap this picture of Annelise because 1) she was so serious about managing her stuff, wheeling her own suitcase, carrying her Hannah Montana purse and her stuffed animals, and 2) seeing her do this was a punch in my stomach because it means she's growing up. Sniff-sniff.

Thursday evening was spent relaxing around the hotel which was very family oriented and family friendly, which was nice. There were three pools (two kiddie, one adult), a large patio area with fire pits and movie nights. After swimming herself silly, Annelise loved roasting marshmallows in order to make...

you guessed it...S'mores. YUM-ola!

Friday morning we got ourselves together for our day at Sea World. I had to pause to snap a self-portrait before leaving to document my outfit for the day. Notice Scott waiting patiently in the background. He's good that way. Well, he may have been grinding his teeth just a bit.

I found a simple sundress at Kohl's that ended up being perfect. It had a cross-over neckline and wider straps, yet no waist band so it was cool and comfy.

This is how I wore my hair almost the whole weekend, even though it shows off my skunk stripe of gray (note to self: make hair appt. soon), it kept my hair out of my face.

Here's the bottom half of the dress. Don't ask me why I couldn't get one shot all together, just remember Scott's teeth grinding. And change jingling.

We stopped at IHOP to fortify ourselves for what lay ahead. Ahhhh...coffee.

The hotel also ran a shuttle service to and from Sea World which was so convenient. Being dropped off at the gate totally rocked. Once we arrived we planned our course of attack, keeping our priorities on shade and water.

I know this post is supposed to be about Sea World, and it is, or it will be. Soon. First I have to introduce my newest faithful companion (besides the Fam.), I'll call her Vera. She's a hipster and I love her.

After riding the Shamu coaster I paused for a self-portrait with my trademark bird.

Annelise thought the Shamu ride was just okay, remember she's a thrill junkie after all. Her coasters have to be fast and have lots of twists, turns and drops. Her height though proved to be a limitation to her thrill seeking. Pity.

We made our way to see the dolphins, but were too early to feed them. Pity.
Annelise REALLY wanted to pet one, yet they were not interested since we had no fish. Pity.

This was the first instance of Annelise taking everything personally and the drama began, escalating gradually as the temperatures rose.

After playing around Shamu's Happy Harbor (really not that happy in the sweltering temps), we made our way to the water ride Journey to Atlantis.

The boat takes a stomach twirling downward nosedive...

creating a ginormous, yet quite refreshing, wall of water...

which Annelise highly enjoyed. Me too. Then we rode the actual ride after an 1.5 hour wait. We sat in the back of the boat and somehow I was the one to get completely soaked. Annelise took this personally as well, declaring that the ride wasn't fair at all since she only received minimal splashing. A quick trip over to the soaking wall restored her spirits considerably, thank goodness.

Then it was time to visit Shamu and friends at the Believe show.

Absolutely .amazing .animals. That is all.

Once again, our sweet daughter displayed her misguided ideas about the universe orbiting around her when she did not get splashed by Shamu (yet, I did) nor chosen to go on stage. Oh the unfairness of it all. The anger. The pouty face. The tears. The wails of Shamu not liking her. I must confess that Scott and I couldn't restrain ourselves any longer and laughed at the utter ridiculousness of her fit. Which went over really well with her.

Then we went to lunch. That helped.

For a little while. After waiting over an hour to ride Rio Loco, listening to repeated warnings of the serious soaking factor of this ride broadcast through the loudspeakers, Annelise was primed for her turn at getting soaked.

How did the raft turn as we approached the waterfall you ask?

On me.

Cue more drama.

Thankfully a fruity drink and the hilarious sea lion show improved her mood.

As it was getting late in the day, the park was even more crowded, the bigger coasters had ridiculous lines so Scott and I gave up on the idea of taking turns riding them (since A. wasn't big enough) and decided it was time to call this game.
We did buy her a small Shamu on our way out.
She forgave him for the earlier diss.

Now they are the bestest friends.
More on our little vacay coming soon...stay tuned, my friends, stay tuned. Or maybe at least awake?


  1. Loved following the Skirt Op posts and finding out how your Sea World day turned out. Oh the 5 year old drama - so much excitement, a hot day, a diss by a famous orca, my goodness who can blame her? Love the dress and the bag, too! So much fun stuff in this post to comment about!

  2. This makes me miss my San Antonio! Some of the best years of my life were spent living there!

  3. Score on the very cute dress! I'm a little offended that you didn't use my Sombrero suggestion, but I can see that it probably would have detracted from the cuteness of the dress and therefore you must have opted go hatless.

    Great picture of the 3 of you checking out the map!

    I've never taken the dolphin's lack of interest in me personally, but I may have to rethink that.

    Why no pictures of you soaked??

  4. I LOVE the skunk stripe!!!! It's cool!!!! Truly!
    And I LOVE your ihop coffee pic....
    Looks like yall are having fun :)

  5. Anna: These 5 year olds are rife with drama aren't they? We tried to help her shake it off, soothe or distract, but bless her heart it was always something. :)

  6. Natasha: Sorry you miss San Antonio so much--you'll just HAVE to come for a visit someday!!

  7. Jill: Yeah, I decided to forgo the sombrereo, chalking it up to my big head issues (hats are a challenge).

    Just for you I'll post a soaked pic in my next post. :)

  8. Amy: Thanks girl, we did have fun--hot, sweaty, stinky fun. :)

    I really must fix my skink stripe soon.

  9. Love the pictures, and the post! I know yall had so much fun. I am so glad you guys are home. But my favorite picture of all...HELLO!!!!VERA!!!!! and in CUPCAKE PINK...Love it!!! ha ha!

  10. Heather: Ha! I love her too! Having her with me made the trip much more pink and fun. :)

  11. I love the dress, and it seems perfect for the occasion...I hate Spaghetti straps, so It totally fits the bill for the summer! I think I need to head over to Kohls...that is where the great T-shirts are, right?

  12. All of this just made me laugh as I remember those girl drama days all too well, heck, what am I saying, my daughter's 20 and she still has those moods from time to time!

    Love the sundress!

  13. Marla: Thanks girl! I don't do spaghetti straps and only barely do sleeveless (this weekend was actually a huge step for me--the heat is a great motivator), so the style of the dress worked out great.

    Yes, Kohl's has the Daisy Fuentes' Favorite Ts, plus lots of other styles. The Vera Wang stuff is nice too. Kohl's rocks!

  14. Linda: So I guess I can look forward to more and more drama as she gets older? Nice! :)

  15. How fun! Loved the dress and the Vera Bradley bag too :)

  16. WOW-
    love the dress- vera- photos- San Antonio (one of my favorite cities)

    fun times-
    A is crackin' me up here!
    poor kid- such a rough life! :)

    they are all the same-
    five year olds...

  17. Thanks Karen! I've been coveting a Vera for a long time, so our little trip was the perfect excuse. :)

    Patsy: Ha! I know a 5 year old's life is excruciating, isn't it?

  18. Oh the dramatic life of a five year old princess named A. I love hearing about her tales of woe. She is bound for stardom. Seriously, she could be on her own Disney show. Love that girl. And her mom!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing such nice pics.! It seems that you had a great fun. I like your sundress. White floral prints are sooo cute.


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